Improve Anxiety with Nutrition and Diet

Anxiety is characterized by constant nervousness and worry, and often related to poor mental health. It a common issue for a lot of people, and medication is sometimes required to treat the condition. But, aside from medication, there are some strategies that could help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. In fact, studies have found […]

Anxiety Therapist in New Jersey

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Anxiety disorders are mental illnesses that cause fear and panic responses to everyday situations or when confronted by nonthreatening objects or circumstances. An anxiety therapist helps the person with an anxiety disorder to learn to cope with the anxiety. Some anxiety therapists specialize in helping clients overcome phobias […]

Holistic Naturopath Improves Anxiety With Fish Oil

I been using high grade fish oil to help people with anxiety for many years. Below is just another study (of the hundreds) of what properly dosed high quality fish oil can do for inflammation and anxiety. For more information about my anxiety relief services click here or call 201.618.3534.

Omega-3 Reduces Anxiety and Inflammation […]

This Herb Will Help Your Anxiety and Boost Your Mental Performance…

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Herb Lemon Balm Relieves Anxiety, Improves Mental Performance

Anxiety and stress in our daily lives are responsible for a range of problems beyond the immediate discomfort they cause – they contribute to heart disease, mental impairment, and diabetes. The commonest approach […]

Anxiety Disorders: Common Mental Illnesses

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The term “mental illness” covers a range of disorders that make themselves known by causing unwelcome changes in emotions, behavior, and thoughts. They can affect relationships with other people, and reactions to one’s surroundings. The level of severity can go from barely noticeable to disabling. […]

Kava Kava – Safe And Works Well In Reducing Anxiety…

Researchers in Australia at the University of Queensland have discovered a traditional extract of Kava, an herb from South East Asia, to be effective and safe in reducing anxiety.

The results which are published in the Springer journal of Psychopharmacology show a clinical trial which found that a water-soluble extract of Kava was effective in […]

Control Your Anxiety with 100% Natural Biofeedback Treatments/Therapies

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Super Anxiety Control with Biofeedback Treatments.

I love biofeedback and seen many clients turn around and beat down their anxiety in a few sessions. Absolutely amazing! Real powerful stuff, anyway I wrote an article about biofeedback, what […]

Diet, Nutrition and Natural Treatments for Anxiety…

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Diet and Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Anxiety is not just one symptom; it includes a collection of different symptoms that interfere with the life of the sufferer. Anxiety results in the same problem: emotional upset that disturbs your life.


What Causes Anxiety? New Jersey Anxiety Expert Explains…

What Causes Anxiety?

Research shows that the causes of anxiety are not fully known, but a number of factors can trigger it in any one person — including genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental stresses — appear to contribute to the development of anxiety.

Your Genetics: Some research supports the idea that family history plays a […]

What are Anxiety Disorders?

A group of disorders which involve various manifestations of anxiety that are grouped together nosologically in the DSM. These include panic disorder (also referred as panic attack), specific phobia, formerly simple phobia; social phobia that was formerly called social anxiety disorder; obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); (also categorized as obsession, compulsion, obsessive-compulsive); posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); […]