Blood Pressure Successfully Lowered by Low-Carb Diet

A recent comparison study that measured results from two popular weight loss diets ended in a “tie” for allowing the subjects to drop a significant number of pounds. But it was the low-carbohydrate diet that also brought down the participants’ blood pressure, giving better results than the weight loss drug orlistat. The research was performed […]

Data and The FDA on Laser Therapy to Quit Smoking

A study recently published in the UK finds that laser acupuncture therapy for treating addictions like smoking can produce side effects, which are similar to some of the withdrawal symptoms quitters experience without laser treatment. Although scientific testing of this therapy in the US has not been pursued as much as it has abroad, the […]

FAQ’s On Laser Treatments To Become A Non-Smoker.

Doctors Weight In On Laser Treatments for Non Smoking

Doctors all over the world over are telling their patients who are addicted to smoking to go to the light!

A low-level laser treatment takes smokers through their withdrawals from nicotine and slowly conditions their psyche with boosting endorphin production. Alleviating stress this way enables the […]

Quit Smoking through Hypnosis

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A Great “Suggestion”

Hypnosis can’t make anyone do anything that they couldn’t be persuaded to do normally. That goes for smokers, too. Hypnosis can be used to place the suggestion to quit in the mind, but the person has to want to quit, and […]

4 Ways To Quit Smoking by New Jersey New York Expert

Your Partner Wants to Quit Smoking? Help Them With These Tips

Your spouse or partner is ready to quit smoking – and you can help in a big way. It’s a win-win for everyone in the household: once they’ve quit, you’ll all start to benefit from the absence of dangerous second-hand smoke. There are several […]

New Jersey Doctor Discusses Laser Therapy To Stop Smoking

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Smoking not only destroys a person’s immune system, causes various cancers and depletes the skin of nutrients, it is also a truly unique addiction in that it is injurious to even people who do not smoke.

The damaging […]