What is Holistic Nutrition and How Can It Help Me?

A lot of people ask me about the different types of nutrition counseling, so I wrote a quick article on holistic nutrition. I found holistic nutrition allowed me to help many people. At that time that was of the forms of nutrition counseling I had been trained in and found it the most therapeutic. Later […]

Green Tea Drinks Are Practically Worthless…

WATCH OUT! If you’re a health-conscious consumer you may not be getting what you pay for by drinking tea.

At the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Boston, reported on August 22, 2010 that many of the popular tea beverages on the market contain fewer polyphenols than one cup of […]

Battling Your Aging and Disease Process with Antioxidants Through Diet

Many holistic alternative health practitioners believe that the many toxins in today’s environment, added to our poor diets tip the oxidant/antioxidant balance against us. Oxidation creates free radicals which in turn create cell damage-our natural aging process-but we can retard this process with antioxidant supplements and a better diet. These measures allow us to tip […]

A Quick List of New Jersey Health Food Stores

A quick list to check out some health food stores in the beautiful state of New Jersey…If you have a health food store and want to be listed, drop me an email…

Whole Foods Market

2245 Springfield Ave., Union NJ 7088 908.688.1455

Trader Joes Westfield

155 Elm Street, Westfield NJ 7090 908.301.0910


New Jersey Nutritionist

New Jersey is arguably one of the busiest areas of the country to live and work. I should know as I am a practicing nutritionist in the heart of Bergen County, New Jersey. Residing on the east coast, specifically here in New Jersey, adults and children alike are at the mercy of hectic daily lives. […]