Stop Smoking With Help By Exercising

Smokers who are trying to kick their habit might want to consider exercise the next time a cigarette craving overcomes them, according to a study published August 2012 in Britain.

The findings were published in the journal of Addiction. The researchers combined data from 19 previous studies and found that exercise helped smokers reduced their […]

Hypnosis Works To Help Smokers Quit

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Smokers who want to quit the habit and try nicotine patches may find that the patches aren’t helping to control their craving for tobacco. The effectiveness of patches, unfortunately, varies from individual to individual. However, a study completed in 2008 indicates that the usefulness of […]

Ten Ugly Reason To Stop Smoking

Want to Look Good?

Ten Ugly Reasons to Quit Smoking.

If you smoke, you’re not surprised by the news that smoking is terrible for your insides. Heart, lungs, nervous system and brain, sex drive—all are damaged by nicotine. You know all that, but knowing it may not be enough to make you want to […]

Menthol Cigarettes: No Increased Cancer Risk, Says New Study But There Still DEADLY..

Menthol Cigarettes: No Increased Cancer Risk, Says New Study

A surprising result from a new US study released in March 2011 indicates that menthol cigarettes pose no greater cancer risk to smokers than non-menthols. This contradicts an assumption held by many scientists that the addition of menthol leads to more exposure to toxins, therefore upping […]

Children Become Victim of Cigarette Makers Advertising

Teens Become a Victim of Cigarette Makers Advertising…

The Marlboro Man and other tobacco and smoking images can influence teenagers to start smoking, a recent study has shown..

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s statistics state that almost twenty-five percent of American high schoolers smoke. About a third of these will go […]

Quit Smoking through Hypnosis

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A Great “Suggestion”

Hypnosis can’t make anyone do anything that they couldn’t be persuaded to do normally. That goes for smokers, too. Hypnosis can be used to place the suggestion to quit in the mind, but the person has to want to quit, and […]

4 Ways To Quit Smoking by New Jersey New York Expert

Your Partner Wants to Quit Smoking? Help Them With These Tips

Your spouse or partner is ready to quit smoking – and you can help in a big way. It’s a win-win for everyone in the household: once they’ve quit, you’ll all start to benefit from the absence of dangerous second-hand smoke. There are several […]

Give Us a Break: Fracture Surgery Patients Who Quit Smoking Heal Better

Smokers who receive emergency surgery for acute fractures and quit smoking for 6 weeks afterward heal faster and better than similar patients who go on smoking during the healing period. This was reported in a study published in 2010 in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

Dr. Hans Nåsell, MD, senior surgical consultant, Karolinska […]

Got Cancer? Stopping Smoking Increases Your Chances Of Living 100%

Lung Cancer Patients and Smoking: It’s Not Too Late to Quit

Smokers who have been diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer, and immediately quit smoking, can increase their survival chances by 100% over 5 years compared to similar patients who don’t quit. These statistics are the findings of a review conducted in the UK by the […]



The hypnosis or hypnotherapist is not a magician. He or she can’t simply dangle a pocket watch before you, talk softly and “put you under” to do their bidding. You can’t be made into an automaton, unable to wake up, nor can hypnotic suggestions be implanted into […]