Dissecting the Adverse Effects of Surgical Procedures

By: Holly Haden

People have been increasingly reliant on modern medicine. Medical interventions have been able to help prolong lives, especially with the help of modern surgical procedures. It is amazing to know that modern surgical procedures are able to do incredible things to save a person’s life.

One example of this is the bariatric […]

How To Overcome And Stop Emotional Eating

How to Control Emotional Eating

Nothing is more likely to throw a monkey wrench into a diet or weight loss program than emotional eating — the powerful urge to turn to food for comfort. You may be dealing with a difficult life situation, you may be generally stressed, you may be looking for a way […]

It’s Never To Late Too Lose Weight

Australian Research Studies Perceptions of Obese Persons

People who are very obese are less likely to believe they’ll be able to lose their weight than those who are mildly to moderately obese. That’s the finding of a study of over 100 obese Australians this year, the first of this kind conducted in that country. The […]

You Can Loss Weight After Pregnancy And Here’s How

Diet Plus Exercise Advised for Healthy Weight Loss After Pregnancy.

A recent review of several trials indicates that women who want to return to pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth do better with a combination of exercise and dieting than with either alone.

Weight gain is natural and healthy during pregnancy, and many women find that […]

Your Body Doesn’t Want You To Lose Weight But Here Is How You Can

Research Shows Human Body Resists Weight Loss

The human body is inherently resistant to losing weight. That’s the finding of research presented to an international obesity convention by Dr. Neil King of Queensland (Australia) University of Technology and the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI).

Dr. King’s two weight loss studies followed induced […]

Vitamin Supplements are Saving Kids From Measles and Diarrhea

Child Deaths from Measles and Diarrhea Reduced by Vitamin Supplements

Refuting recent controversies about vitamin A supplement programs for children in developing countries, a new study by researchers at Cochrane finds that vitamin A supplements clearly lower the death toll from childhood measles and diarrhea

Diets deficient in vitamin A are common in many countries […]

Beating the Beast of Emotional Eating

Choosing to focus more on what we eat over why we eat, may be the reason some of us don’t lose weight even when we try eating healthier and increase our exercise.

Time again we see perfectly successful dieters fall back into a conveyor belt-like cycle of reaching for foods that temporary satiate them-like sweets […]