Give Us a Break: Fracture Surgery Patients Who Quit Smoking Heal Better

Smokers who receive emergency surgery for acute fractures and quit smoking for 6 weeks afterward heal faster and better than similar patients who go on smoking during the healing period. This was reported in a study published in 2010 in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

Dr. Hans Nåsell, MD, senior surgical consultant, Karolinska […]

Laser Treatments Can Help You Quit Smoking

Why is smoking pleasurable?

Smokers know that smoking is relaxing. Knowing why it makes you feel good will help you understand how laser therapy works to help you quit.

Cigarette smoking causes endorphins (natural chemicals produced by the body) to send signals to the brain that produce a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Endorphins normally […]

Can Laser Therapy Treatments Help You Quit Smoking?

Can Laser Therapy Help You Quit Smoking?

Nicotine: one of the hardest substances to kick. Many smokers, worried about tobacco’s serious dangers, not to mention the expense of the habit, have tried and failed multiple times – a back and forth between addiction, hope and frustration that’s rough on the self-esteem, which in turn makes […]

Got Cancer? Stopping Smoking Increases Your Chances Of Living 100%

Lung Cancer Patients and Smoking: It’s Not Too Late to Quit

Smokers who have been diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer, and immediately quit smoking, can increase their survival chances by 100% over 5 years compared to similar patients who don’t quit. These statistics are the findings of a review conducted in the UK by the […]

If Your Child Is Obese They Have A 40% Risk Of Acid Reflux Disease

California Study: Extreme Obesity in Children Increases Esophagus Reflux Risk by 40 Percent

Children who are extremely obese have a 40 percent greater likelihood of developing gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) than normal-weight children, according to a large-scale study completed earlier this year by managed-care insuror Kaiser Permanente of Oakland, California. Additional findings showed that moderately […]

Migraine, Depression And Chronic Pain For IBS Sufferers by N.J. Doctor

Migraine, Depression And Chronic Pain For IBS Sufferers

People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are more likely to suffer migraines or depression than other individuals.

In the largest study of its kind, J. Alexander Cole and colleagues from Boston University, found that IBS suffers were 40% more likely to suffer from depression and 60% more […]

Proton Pump Inhibitors (Acid Reflux Pills) See Unexpected Consequence

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More than 50 percent of adults in Western countries have occasional symptoms of acid reflux, and PPIs or Proton Pump Inhibitors are among the most widely prescribed classes of medications for sufferers to use. But according to the authors of a […]

Children’s Constipation – A Growing Trend Thats Easy To Fix

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Worsening Constipation in Children

Though most doctors generally agree to treating mild constipation in some of the children they see, gastroenterologists at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center report what they believe is a current troubling trend of ever more children with more serious […]

Managing Your Crohn’s Disease With Natural Remedies And Diet

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If you have Crohn’s Disease, there’s nothing like a flare-up to make you feel like the disease is running your life. Take heart! There are plenty of simple, effective things you can do about your diet and your everyday habits to put yourself more […]

Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Treatment for Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

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Worries and concerns are realities of everyday life. Mostly, we deal with them pretty well. But when the level of worry and fear rises to the point where we start experiencing physical symptoms, health professionals call it anxiety. The body’s instinctive “fight-or-flight” reaction […]