Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Treatment for Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

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Worries and concerns are realities of everyday life. Mostly, we deal with them pretty well. But when the level of worry and fear rises to the point where we start experiencing physical symptoms, health professionals call it anxiety. The body’s instinctive “fight-or-flight” reaction to danger goes into overdrive and persists when there’s no longer any actual threat. It may be situational – a stomachache before an exam or interview, nausea while anticipating a trip to the dentist.

Anxiety can be triggered by physical pain which makes the pain worse – and can go away once the situation has passed. In some cases, however, it can become chronic, a psychological anxiety disorder associated with obsessive thoughts, phobias and distressing physical symptoms that can disrupt the person’s life and adversely affect their health. Adult sufferers of varying degrees of anxiety disorder are estimated in the tens of millions.

How Does Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Work?

Hypnotherapy/hypnosis can be an effective treatment, both for situational anxiety and anxiety disorders. The hypnosis therapist guides the client into a relaxed  mind-body state. Then the negative thoughts causing the anxiety can be replaced with positive, reality-based ideas imprinted on the subconscious mind, which frees the person to cope, and regain control of their life.

  • For pain anxiety and other situational, non-psychological anxiety – for instance, a patient anticipating surgery — therapists use   suggestion hypnotherapy/hypnosis. During the hypnotized state, the therapist makes positive suggestions to help the client release their worries. The therapist also teaches techniques for dealing with the physical symptoms – breathing exercises, controlling mental    imagery, and behavior modification techniques among them. To help when you have a “bout” of anxiety, your hypnosis therapist can teach on-the-spot skills in deep breathing, or how to interrupt and refocus your thoughts, that will allow you to deal with it then and there. As you learn to master your mental/physical sensations, your self-confidence returns, and anxiety ebbs.
  • With anxiety disorders, the goal of hypnotherapy or hypnosis is to get at the root of the phobias that drive the anxiety, which are often hidden from the client. Bringing these past experiences and fear-inducing ideas into the light of full consciousness lets the person explore them rationally and re-process them, gradually robbing them of their potency.

Why does it work? A phobia can be described as a learned fear reaction, originally to a past event, that has taken on an uncontrollable life of its own through repetition over time. The hypnotic state allows the therapist to guide the client back to the forgotten event – the birth of the phobia, so to speak.

The person in hypnosis retains their normal ability to learn and respond to new experience and ideas, so the therapist can help them detach the old event from the fearful thoughts and sensations that they’ve learned to link to it. The memory is still there, but now the client, still in the relaxed hypnotic state, can learn to link it with more positive, healthful associations. When situations that would have triggered irrational anxiety occur now in everyday life, the client can respond with less fear and more confidence.

A Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Session Described

First the therapist and client will discuss the anxiety problems in a general way. Then the hypnosis therapist will gradually guide the patient into a trancelike, relaxed state using a combination of relaxation suggestions and suggested mental imagery. The hypnotized/hypnosis state of consciousness is rather like that of meditation, or prolonged day-dreaming.

Contrary to the images in old thriller movies, hypnotized persons retain full use of their free will and self-control. They do become increasingly open to suggestion, which aids in the conquest of anxiety – and as the level of awareness deepens, external stimuli in the environment no longer distract, blood pressure goes down, breathing and heart rate slow.

Now the client, guided by the therapist’s skill and suggestions, can access the old seed-memories, detach them from fear-generating emotions, and learn new ways to cope with the life situations that have been causing distress. Then the hypnosis therapist guides the client back to normal consciousness. The session wraps up with a general discussion about the client’s experience.

Most sessions last about one hour, and most clients show improvement within one to ten sessions.

Who Can Be Hypnotized And Put Into A State Of Hypnosis?

Most people can be hypnotized. Understandably, it helps to be working with a therapist who inspires confidence, with whom you feel comfortable; this helps you to slip into the therapeutic hypnotic trance more easily. Children from ages nine to twelve are usually good hypnotic subjects, and  may show improvement very quickly, after as little as one or two sessions.

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