Cancer Prevention Program Using Diet, Nutrition and Stress Reduction

Cancer, one of the most prevalent killers in today’s society has many studies showing diet and nutrition can act a preventative measure against it.

Here are some solid diet and nutrition tips to increasing your chances of not getting cancer. Diet: What goes into our bodies affect us greatly. Increased vegetables and fiber […]

New Jersey Holistic Medicine and Holistic Doctor Explains What It Is

Holistic medicine is a health care philosophy that treats the client as a whole person. Holistic medicine looks at an individual’s overall physical, mental, emotional well-being and the interrelationship each part has an one another. All these areas are assessed before recommending natural treatments that support the body.

A holistic doctor treats the symptoms of […]

A1 Nutrition Healthfood Store in Passaic Park, New Jersey

A-1 Nutrition is a “Gem” of a health food store located at 210 Main Avenue in Passaic Park, NJ. When you walk into the store it gives you that feeling of an old fashioned mom and pop store (which it is) where the owners June and Kevin Neblung and the super friendly staff are there […]

Avoiding Depression Through Diet and Nutrition

What we eat not only affects us physically but also affects our moods and ability to handle stress. Our brain chemicals, known as neurotransmitters are closely linked with what we eat. The most common of these; dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine are only working properly when we have adequate complex carbohydrate and protein consumption in our […]