Cancer prevention progam using diet, nutrition, and stress reduction

Cancer, one of the most prevalent killers in today’s society has many studies showing diet and nutrition can act a preventative measure against it.

Here are some solid diet and nutrition tips to increasing your chances of not getting cancer.

What goes into our bodies affect us greatly. Increased vegetables and fiber intake, cutting down on red meat, decreasing alcohol consumption, increasing hydration by ingesting water and natural teas has been proven to increase our body’s immune system’s anti-cancer defenses.

Selenium: Ingestion of 200 mcg daily of this supplement has been shown to decrease some types of cancer.

Carotenes: Beta-carotenes prevent cellular damage with their anti-oxidant work in the body.

Essential Fatty Acids: Fish oils are essential in any cancer prevention protocol as it has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin A: Daily intake of Vitamin A in the 6,000 IU range has been shown to increase immune system activity.

Vitamin C: One of nature’s most pristine and perfect anti-oxidants, Vitamin C increases immune function, and lowers histamine levels.

Stress Reduction: Stress decreases our body’s functioning in many ways. A high level of stress impairs the digestive processes, decreases immune function and depletes our energy reserves. Relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, biofeedback and many others can decrease stress levels.

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Stay healthy,

Dr. Robert

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