Kidney Disease Symptoms in Women

When the kidneys aren’t working well, the blood is not getting filtered properly. The impairment of the kidneys and resulting lack of filtration of the blood leads to a series of health problems which are symptoms of kidney disease symptoms. Kidney disease symptoms in women will hopefully prompt the women to go to a doctor […]

What To Do When You Have Stage 4 Kidney Disease

The moment that you find out you have stage 4 kidney disease, it is important that you look for means of keeping the disease from getting worse and stick to those methods of preventing the worsening of the disease. The reason why you should do this as soon as possible is because there are certain […]

Signs and Symptoms of Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Stage 3 kidney disease is one of the latter stages of any kidney disease. During this stage, the functioning of the kidney becomes very low. This therefore means that there is a lot of accumulation of toxins in the body. This brings about a condition known as uremia in the body. During stage 3 kidney […]

What Is Stage 2 Kidney Disease?

Our kidneys are some of the most important organs in the body. Failure of one kidney or both can necessitate the removal of the kidney and replacement by another or the use of dialysis. Both of these are very expensive options and it is important to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible in order […]

Stage 1 Kidney Disease Symptoms and Diet

Kidneys serve a very important function in our body, ridding the bloodstream of waste by running it through extremely efficient filters and relaying it down to the urinary tract. This vital organ is also put under a lot of duress while doing that, especially when its host leads a less than perfectly healthy lifestyle. In […]