What Is Stage 2 Kidney Disease?

Our kidneys are some of the most important organs in the body. Failure of one kidney or both can necessitate the removal of the kidney and replacement by another or the use of dialysis. Both of these are very expensive options and it is important to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible in order to avoid any kidney disease. There are many types of kidney disease. However, these many types can be classified into two main categories. The first category is that of acute kidney disease. In this case, the disease starts and develops very rapidly and the patient feels a very sharp pain in the stomach region. The other type of kidney disease is called chronic. With a chronic kidney disease, the disease develops very slowly over a long period of time. The signs and symptoms of the disease may not be visible until the disease is at an advanced stage.

There are many reasons behind the cause of these kidney diseases. These reasons could be autoimmune disorders, medications, toxins or infections. In other situations, the kidney disease could be as a result of another disease. For instance, diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can worsen and eventually affect the functioning of the kidneys thereby causing a kidney disease.

There is another kind of stage 2 kidney disease which occurs when the kidneys leak out certain fluids. Blood in the urine is one of the primary symptoms of this disease. This occurs when blood cells in the kidney leak out through the blood capillaries and into the urine. Another type of kidney disease is proteinuria. With this kind of disease, protein substances, mostly albumen, leaks out of the body. When a lot of this albumen leaks out, the body loses a lot of proteins. This can be quite disastrous in a situation where too much protein is lost. Proteins are necessary in the body to keep blood vessels working properly.

Kidney stones is another very common stage 2 kidney disease. It is caused by when the kidneys excretes too much calcium oxalate. This is then further complicated when the patient does not drink enough water. This calcium oxalate ends up forming a kidney stone in the urinary tract. This kidney stone prevents the proper flow of urine and at other times, it also has to be removed through the same tract. This can bring about a lot of extreme pain and discomfort. These kidney stones are also dangerous in that they can cause several other infections in the body.

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