What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is a system that emphasizes the prevention and self- healing process with the use of the so- called natural therapies. It is considered as a science- based tradition which promotes wellness through identifying unique aspects of the patient and employs a non- toxic or natural therapy for […]

Is a Functional Medicine Doctor What You Need?

Just like any other doctors, a functional medicine doctor receives proper training, but they have added training in holistic medicine. Their goal is not only to treat the symptoms of an illness, but also to get to the root of the problem.

Many doctors aren’t adequately trained to determine the underlying causes of some […]

An Herbalist And How It Can Help You by New Jersey Herbalist

An herbalist studies the healing properties of plants and suggests supplements to clients who come to them for help with an illness or complaint. Herbal remedies have been used to heal and improve health for many centuries. People who are interested in herbal remedies may want to learn how to become an herbalist.

Though many […]

Homeopathy in NJ: Treating Negativity and Illness with Holistic Homeopathy

Homeopathy in NJ is an alternative system of medicine that manages bodily ailments through highly diluted substances. These substances enhance, if not jumpstart, the body’s natural system of healing. Homeopathy is a distinct life-changing practice, definitely not an umbrella term for different alternative medicine pathways. Homeopathy is fast rising in America, but it already forms […]

Are Alternative Holistic Natural Medicine Practitioners Using Science Based Treatments?

Enjoy this tongue twisting article and to speak further about holistic scientific treatments that can help you click here to contact me or call me at 201.618.3534 and ask to speak to Doctor Robert.

Over the past few decades holistic alternative health professionals, including doctors, have seen increasing needs to shift from […]

Herbs/Herbology: Our Natural Pharmacy

These days we hear the term ‘herb’ referred to so often-from herbal teas to those mysterious potions used in Chinese medicines-we’re not so sure any more what a person is referring to when they say the word. Simply put for our modern day use, an herb can be a bark, flower, fruit, leaf or root, […]

New Jersey Holistic Medicine and Holistic Doctor Explains What It Is

Holistic medicine is a health care philosophy that treats the client as a whole person. Holistic medicine looks at an individual’s overall physical, mental, emotional well-being and the interrelationship each part has an one another. All these areas are assessed before recommending natural treatments that support the body.

A holistic doctor treats the symptoms of […]