What is Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide? Available at NJ Clinic

One of the most debated intravenous therapies in the medical field today is intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatment. There are many people who support the claim that hydrogen peroxide is actually dangerous for the system. However, it only happens when an inadequate dose of the compound is taken orally without medical supervision. As such, the solution […]

Heavy Metal Cleansing

With an ever increasing level of pollution and even higher level of exposure to heavy metals, the chances of heavy metal poisoning has increased drastically in New Jersey and New York. Consequently, the number of people being screened for heavy metal toxins has also been on a continuous rise as both the doctors and the […]

The Health Benefits of Heavy Metal Detoxification

What are heavy metals? Some of the prime examples are zinc, lead, nickel, mercury, arsenic, cobalt, manganese, lead, chromium, uranium and copper. They are present all over the crust of the earth and even the air that we breathe every day. They are in the food that we ingest and that water that we drink. […]

Signs and Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity at NJ Clinic

With so many toxic substances in the environment around us, it’s no wonder that many of them make their way into our bodies. Doctors and scientists have determined that there are “acceptable” levels of certain heavy metals that we can have in our bodies, but how much do you have, and are those levels really […]

Heavy Metal Poisoning – What You Need To Know

Our environment is filled with heavy metals, and we keep pumping more of them into it every day. We put mercury into the air by burning coal for electricity. The mercury is either breathed in, precipitated into our drinking water, or even introduced into the food supply through fish or even land animals that drink […]

Heavy Metal Toxicity – The World Is Trying To Kill You – What You Can Do To Save Yourself

When we think of nature, we think of clean, pure, serene, good health and healing. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. We humans have been taking a toll on the planet for generations, and we’re only now starting to realize some of the effects. Of course we all know about the major issues: destruction […]