Heavy Metal Toxicity – The World Is Trying To Kill You – What You Can Do To Save Yourself

When we think of nature, we think of clean, pure, serene, good health and healing.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case.   We humans have been taking a toll on the planet for generations, and we’re only now starting to realize some of the effects.  Of course we all know about the major issues: destruction of the rain forests, deforestation in general, giant floating garbage swirls in the ocean, over loaded landfills, polluted rivers and streams, oil spills.  What we often don’t know about are the very deadly, but very invisible pollutants that permeate even the most serene looking of our environments.  These are the silent killers and debilitators that slowly build up in our systems, gradually taking us down.

These slow acting substances are often referred to as “heavy metals” and lead to a condition known as heavy metal toxicity.  One of the most common of these is mercury toxicity.  You see, we’ve been burning coal as a source of electricity throughout the world for many, many years.  One of the contaminants that’s found in coal is mercury.  When we burn coal in a power plant the mercury turns into a vapor and rises into the atmosphere, which then rains down at a later date.  Much of that mercury ends up in the oceans where it enters the food chain.  It starts with plankton and bacteria that absorb the mercury, then they are eaten by small fish, which are eaten by larger fish, and then larger fish, and so on, with the mercury content of each fish increasing as it goes up the food chain.  By the time a fish gets to our plates, they have a fairly high level of mercury in them, which then goes into us.  It’s not only fish, either.  Any animal that drinks water, or that eats plants that grew with water (all of them) will be susceptible to mercury buildup to some degree.  It’s also not just mercury.  There are many other heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium, and beryllium, just to name a few.

Consumer reports have detailed extensive levels of the heavy metal arsenic in several varieties of rice.  These are not negligible levels.  Dr. Oz has discussed recently arsenic toxicity in juices such as apple and grape.  And you may not know that there is mercury in fluorescent light bulbs.  Have you been near a broken fluorescent light bulb?  If so you may have had an extra dose.

Once these metals set up shop in our bodies, they do not easily come out by natural means.  As they build up they can have debilitating effects on our immune system, our cognitive (brain) functions, respiratory and circulatory systems, and nervous systems.  With the high prevalence of these elements in our environment in at least some degree, higher in some areas than others, we are all exposed to these elements every single day.  Wouldn’t you think it was important to assess your exposure levels and try to reduce or eliminate your contamination?

Fortunately there is a way.  Heavy metal testing has been around for many years, and with a proper practitioner implementing the heavy metal testing, it is possible for patients to get a good idea of just how much heavy metal toxicity they are experiencing.  After heavy metal testing has been administered, patients and practitioners can work together on what is called heavy metal detoxification, or heavy metal detox.  This can be done in a variety of ways, with some more effective than others.  There is simple oral chelation, a process where a chelating agent is taken orally, then attaches itself to the heavy metal particles in the body and passes out of the body, taking the heavy metals with it.  This is the most common method and is quite effective for heavy metal detoxification.  There has been testing with consumption of cilantro as a chelating agent, with measurable results.  There are also other chelating agents that can be provided by practitioners that specialize in the field of heavy metal detox.

Many people do not know that they are suffering from heavy metal toxicity.  There are many symptoms that go unnoticed, including fatigue, inability to focus, fogginess of the brain, lingering illnesses and other mild or severe immune system deficiencies.  These effects often go untreated, and can compound over time.  This is why it is important to get heavy metal testing and find out if heavy metal detox is for you.  We all have some level of these heavy metals in our bodies; that is unavoidable.  However, we can reduce or eliminate them, and with the availability of heavy metal detox, why shouldn’t we?

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