Crohn’s Disease Patients Less Able to Absorb Vitamin D, New Study Shows

Crohn’s Disease Patients Less Able to Absorb Vitamin D, New Study Shows

Vitamin D deficiency is one well-known risk for patients with Crohn’s Disease (CD). A new study by a research team from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) has now demonstrated for the first time that a probable cause is a reduced ability to […]

Children Become Victim of Cigarette Makers Advertising

Teens Become a Victim of Cigarette Makers Advertising…

The Marlboro Man and other tobacco and smoking images can influence teenagers to start smoking, a recent study has shown..

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s statistics state that almost twenty-five percent of American high schoolers smoke. About a third of these will go […]

Lap Band Hypnotherapy Has Same Weight Loss Effects As Lap Band Surgery – Only Better

Lap Band Hypnotherapy shows an 80% effectiveness rate in the UK, better than the 70% rate from actual Lap Band surgery.

The group of weight loss surgical techniques known as bariatric surgery reduce patients’ weight through the implantation of medical devices in the stomach. Results are often quite dramatic.

Qualified hypnotherapists are able […]

Book Review of Master Your Sleep by Tracey I. Marks, M.D.

Without adequate sleep, we can’t function properly, think correctly, or live very long. Sleep is essential to every human process from healing our body as 80% of our immune system is active when we sleep to being able to complete a simple task like reading a book.

However, about a third of Americans have dealt […]