Sleep How To Conquer It

Without adequate sleep, we can’t function properly, think correctly, or live very long. Sleep is essential to every human process from healing our body as 80% of our immune system is active when we sleep to being able to complete a simple task like reading a book.

However, about a third of Americans have dealt with or are dealing with getting adequate amounts of sleep to live optimally.

If you ever dealt with sleep problems, you know it can be a miserable experience tossing, turning and wishing you could shut your eyes and drift off into peaceful dreams. The frustration can build to a point where you feel hopeless and start getting used to living sleep deprived.

The good news is that this expertly written book will give you all the options to conquer the sleep demon and get the rest you deserve. Now, a book being written by a Psychiatrist you would automatically assume she would be pushing drugs from our “friendly” folks at the pharmaceutical industry. However, Dr. Marks gives a brilliant job of covering not only the prescription options but the entire spectrum of natural therapies.

The book covers the basics of sleep, the stages of it, and why a certain amount is critical to emotional and physical well being. Dr. Marks covers the lifestyle, nutrition and mind/body approaches to winning the battle over the sleep stealing demon.

The core of this book covers the various ways to solving sleep problems. Being trained by conventional medicine Dr. Marks covers the prescription options that are available to the public. While there are some people who “sleeping pills” might be the good choice, after reading this book with the amount of natural alternatives it is probably the last approach you may want to take.

Dr. Marks initially recommends observing your sleep patterns and habits and gives some simple, effective tips, techniques and recommendations, which should help build positive sleep. She also discusses different natural mind/body therapies for sleeping including guided imagery to relaxation therapy.

Master Your Sleep gets right to the nitty gritty without added fluff, its well written and simple to read. The book summarizes the tips and techniques for sleep success with lots of examples to help fully understand the concepts. For anyone battling from sleep problems, this is the first place to start. It has many self administered sleep techniques and when you should consult a professional if it comes to that.

Sleep is vital to living a productive and happy life. If you are experiencing problems because of poor sleep, I would highly recommend you start exploring solutions with this book.

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