Are Alternative Holistic Natural Medicine Practitioners Using Science Based Treatments?

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Over the past few decades holistic alternative health professionals, including doctors, have seen increasing needs to shift from […]

Control Your Anxiety with 100% Natural Biofeedback Treatments/Therapies

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Super Anxiety Control with Biofeedback Treatments.

I love biofeedback and seen many clients turn around and beat down their anxiety in a few sessions. Absolutely amazing! Real powerful stuff, anyway I wrote an article about biofeedback, what […]

Diet, Nutrition and Natural Treatments for Anxiety…

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Diet and Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Anxiety is not just one symptom; it includes a collection of different symptoms that interfere with the life of the sufferer. Anxiety results in the same problem: emotional upset that disturbs your life.


What Causes Anxiety? New Jersey Anxiety Expert Explains…

What Causes Anxiety?

Research shows that the causes of anxiety are not fully known, but a number of factors can trigger it in any one person — including genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental stresses — appear to contribute to the development of anxiety.

Your Genetics: Some research supports the idea that family history plays a […]

Ten Ugly Reason To Stop Smoking

Want to Look Good?

Ten Ugly Reasons to Quit Smoking.

If you smoke, you’re not surprised by the news that smoking is terrible for your insides. Heart, lungs, nervous system and brain, sex drive—all are damaged by nicotine. You know all that, but knowing it may not be enough to make you want to […]

A Key To A Long Life – Is It Fiber???

Recent Study: High Fiber in the Diet Decreases Risk of Death, Many Diseases

A newly-published US study of over 350,000 people over a nine-year period shows strong links between high amounts of fiber in the diet and reduced risks of death, including death from cardioascular, infectious, and respiratory diseases.

The National Institutes of Health-AARP Diet […]

Kids’ Eating Impulses Influenced by Diners’ Facial Expressions

A recent French study suggests that young children are more responsive than adults to others’ facial expressions while eating. They’re more likely to want a given food after seeing a picture of someone looking happy while eating it.

The small research project studied the responses of 120 adults and children. The subjects were shown photos […]

Menthol Cigarettes: No Increased Cancer Risk, Says New Study But There Still DEADLY..

Menthol Cigarettes: No Increased Cancer Risk, Says New Study

A surprising result from a new US study released in March 2011 indicates that menthol cigarettes pose no greater cancer risk to smokers than non-menthols. This contradicts an assumption held by many scientists that the addition of menthol leads to more exposure to toxins, therefore upping […]

More Fruits And Vegetables For School Meals To Be Funded By USDA

In late March, 2011 the US Department of Agriculture announced greatly expanded funding for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program for the nation’s schools.

The funds — $158 million for the 2011/2012 school year, a $48 million increase over the previous year’s level – go to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, […]

Bed wetting Is More Common In Boys

Bed wetting (Enuresis) commoner in boys.

Nighttime bedwetting is a problem for about 5 out of every 100 kids, but according to a new study sponsored by the Journal of Pediatrics, it’s twice as common in boys as it is in girls.

The study, conducted by scientists at Prince of Wales Hospital at the Chinese […]