What To Do When You Have Stage 4 Kidney Disease

The moment that you find out you have stage 4 kidney disease, it is important that you look for means of keeping the disease from getting worse and stick to those methods of preventing the worsening of the disease. The reason why you should do this as soon as possible is because there are certain complications that come with the worsening of your stage 4 kidney disease. These include problems with the heart and blood vessels; bone problems; anemia; an occurrence of high blood pressure; poor nutritional health due to the lack of some important minerals caused as a result of poor kidney functioning.

Stage 4 kidney disease mainly occurs due to damage that happens to the kidneys. This damage can be caused by two main factors. It can either be physical damage (e.g. when you have a car accident and damage your kidney) or it can be due to a disease. There are some disease like diabetes which progress and end up affecting the kidney. The moment that the kidneys sustain any form of damage, they are no longer in a position to perform their duties properly. These functions include such things as filtering your blood, balancing your body’s fluids, regulating your body’s hormones, keeping your blood pressure under control, keeping your bones healthy and it is your kidneys which help you to produce red blood cells.

Stage 4 kidney disease is one of the worst stages of kidney diseases. It is only one step short of total kidney failure. This means that the moment you find out you have stage 4 kidney failure, you should go out and look for a cure and treatment plan as quickly as possible.

There are many ways in which you can prevent the advancement of stage 4 kidney disease. These ways should be adopted as soon as possible so as prevent paying the ultimate price of kidney failure. First of all, make sure that you seek treatment of any other diseases that may be causing the worsening of your kidney problems. As stated above, problems like diabetes lead to complications of your kidney problems. Therefore, if you can take care of diabetes, you will, in extension, take care of stage 4 kidney disease. Observing a healthy diet is also very important in controlling your stage 4 kidney disease. Avoid eating fatty foods and junk or fast foods. Always eat healthy. Also, if you find out that you have the symptoms of stage 4 kidney disease, drink more water than you always do. Water helps the kidney by flushing out any excess toxins that may have accumulated in your body due to poor functioning of the kidney. This can reduce the burden of work that faces the kidney and help it in its healing process.

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