Kidney Disease Symptoms in Women

When the kidneys aren’t working well, the blood is not getting filtered properly. The impairment of the kidneys and resulting lack of filtration of the blood leads to a series of health problems which are symptoms of kidney disease symptoms. Kidney disease symptoms in women will hopefully prompt the women to go to a doctor where they can get diagnosed and begin treatment.

In the early stages of the disease, there may not be any symptoms of kidney disease. A woman may have kidney problems for years and not be aware of it, because she doesn’t have any noticeable symptoms.

One kidney disease symptom in women is overall swelling. A woman developing kidney disease may feel her clothes becoming tight or not fitting as well. Women may notice their shoes feeling tight or swelling in the legs and ankles. The swelling, called edema, is from a buildup of fluid in the body, because the kidneys are struggling to get rid of the excess fluid.

Though the woman may experience weight gain and swelling from the kidney problems, she might not be hungry as much as usual. Many people with kidney disease experience a loss of appetite. Feeling sick to the stomach and vomiting can be kidney disease signs in women which can make them not want to eat. With the stomach complaints and loss of appetite, women with kidney problems may eat much less than they typically eat. Some women may lose weight without trying due to difficulty eating.

Women with kidney disease may notice dry, itchy skin. One of the early kidney disease symptoms in women can be puffiness around the eyes. This might be blamed on other signs of kidney disease which are difficulty sleeping and tiredness.

The kidneys play an important role in the production of red blood cells. Kidney disease causes a drop in the level of red blood cells. Weakness may develop due to the decrease in the number of red blood cells being produced. Though not everyone has pain, some people experience pain in the area of the kidneys.

When the woman goes to the doctor, she may find that her blood pressure is higher than usual. High blood pressure can be caused by chronic kidney disease. This can be a problem because high blood pressure can make kidney disease worse as well as increase the risk of other health problems like heart disease.

The kidney problem may cause less frequent urination. Headaches are common kidney disease symptoms in women. Some women may notice a shortness of breath or more rapid breathing. If a woman notices the signs of kidney disease, she should visit a doctor for an exam. Ignoring the kidney problems can lead to serious problems like a coma, the need to go on dialysis, or needing a kidney transplant in order to stay alive.

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