Signs and Symptoms of Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Stage 3 kidney disease is one of the latter stages of any kidney disease. During this stage, the functioning of the kidney becomes very low. This therefore means that there is a lot of accumulation of toxins in the body. This brings about a condition known as uremia in the body. During stage 3 kidney disease, there are certain diseases that the patient is likely to develop. These diseases include high blood pressure, early bone disease and/ or anemia. There are several symptoms that normally manifest themselves during stage 3 kidney disease. This article is going to look at some of these symptoms in detail.

Fatigue is one of the primary symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease. The main reason behind this fatigue is usually anemia. Another symptom is the presence of too much fluid in the body. When the kidneys are infected, they lose the rate at which they control flow of fluids in the body. When too much fluid leaks due to failure of the kidneys, it brings about swelling of the legs, arms and even the face. It is also possible that a person is going to experience instances when he or she is out of breath.

Another common symptom of  stage 3 kidney disease is change in urination. When you are suffering from a stage 3 kidney disease, you are going to witness changes in certain characteristics of your urine. First of all, you may notice that your urine has too much foam in it. This is as a result of too much protein in the urine. This protein is brought about by failure of the kidney to regulate how much protein is lost by the body. It is also possible that you are going to witness changes in the duration of intervals of your urination. You may notice that you now go to the toilet more frequently than normal or less frequently than you always do. Also, whereas you did not usually go to the toilet at night, you may find that you now have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo.

Kidney pain is a very rare symptom of stage 3 kidney disease. However, there are people who complain that they experience a lot of pain in the stomach region and this pain can be attributed to one fault or another with the kidney. Sleeping problems are also another common symptom stage 3 kidney disease. As a patient with the problem, you may find that you have trouble sleeping and you record irregular sleeping patterns.

Whenever you experience these symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease, you should see a nephrologist as soon as possible and also watch my video   …   “Food To Avoid If You Have Kidney Kidney Disease & 5 Kidney Protecting Nutrients”

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