Proton Pump Inhibitors (Acid Reflux Pills) See Unexpected Consequence

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More than 50 percent of adults in Western countries have occasional symptoms of acid reflux, and PPIs or Proton Pump Inhibitors are among the most widely prescribed classes of medications for sufferers to use. But according to the authors of a recent study, there is a growing body of literature suggesting that acid alone is not the only cause of tissue damage in reflux disease, and subsequently PPIs will not be effective at treating all cases of GERD and LPR.

The authors of the study warn it is too early to make global recommendations about PPI prescriptions but they do want to raise the clinical awareness of this medication class.

In addition they are calling for appropriate evaluation and monitoring of patients taking PPIs and urge doctors to consider a more holistic approach of diet and lifestyle changes to battle GERD and LPR.

There is also evidence to suggest some consequences and side effects from PPI’s, including increased rates of hip fractures-possibly do to altered calcium absorption-an as yet unproven altered vitamin B12 and iron absorption, increased odds of the PPI user to acquire associated diarrhea and increased odds of contracting community-acquired pneumonia.

Acid reflux diseases are ever on the rise in patients these days, might a natural, less invasive, scientifically sound alternative help a suffering populace?

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