Laser Treatments Can Help You Quit Smoking

Why is  smoking pleasurable?

Smokers know that smoking is relaxing. Knowing why it makes you feel good will help you understand how laser therapy works to help you quit.

Cigarette smoking causes endorphins (natural chemicals produced by the body) to send signals to the brain that produce a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Endorphins normally work on a regular cycle – but that’s interrupted and altered by nicotine so that you start needing the drug to feel the good, calming endorphin effects. Nicotine’s effect doesn’t last very long – about 1-2 hours. Then the endorphin levels plummet to well below normal, and the result is jumpiness, irritability, a combination of stress and fatigue sensations that send you reaching for another cigarette in a hurry. That’s the cycle of addiction.

Low Level Laser Therapy Breaks the Addiction Cycle Of Smoking

Low Level Laser Therapy treatments work by raising those same natural endorphin levels, but on a much longer schedule. It stimulates the body’s cells to release endorphins over a period of 3-5 DAYS, as opposed to 1-2 hours for a cigarette. This longer, slower release protects you from the distressing symptoms – irritability, cravings, nervousness – that go with quitting smoking. Since it’s known that about three to five days is the length of time it takes for nicotine to completely leave the body, I can provide you with a second laser treatment in the therapy schedule. This will help you triumph over the physical side of one of the toughest addictions to kick!

Once that period of approximately 5 days is past, your body is nicotine free. Now comes the mental part of quitting smoking. It will most likely be a challenge. I will gather information about you and your relationship with smoking, which will be important to your complete success. As you change the mindsets and mental habits that have underlain your habit, I will act as your support staff. You have my pledge that I will be there to help you to truly, finally quit smoking.

If you are interested in Laser Therapy treatments to stop smoking and live within driving distance of Paramus, New Jersey, feel free to call and schedule an appointment. CALL 201.618.3534.

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