Children’s Constipation – A Growing Trend Thats Easy To Fix

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Worsening Constipation in Children

Though most doctors generally agree to treating mild constipation in some of the children they see, gastroenterologists at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center report what they believe is a current troubling trend of ever more children with more serious chronic bouts of poor moving bowels.

Attributing a modern day lack of physical activity, inadequate water intake and fiber-poor diets, doctor’s like Maria Oliva-Hemker, M.D. report that most children have functional constipation, suffering through fewer than three bowel movements a week for three, not necessarily consecutive months each year.

“…too many children are either not treated at all, start treatment too late or are treated inadequately, leading to persistent, severe and chronic constipation…” the doctor says.

The myth that constipation usually goes away on its own, either from the child outgrowing it or changing their diet is simply not true in the face of ever more chronic constipation of children these days.

Constipation develops slowly over time, usually beginning when a child starts to hold back bowel movements. Disrupted brain-colon signaling results in the constipated child’s stool building up in their colon, stretching it beyond its normal shape and size. The longer the stool stays in the colon, the harder and larger it gets, making bowel movements painful.

Signs a parents should be aware of are abdominal bloating and a feeling of fullness, straining with bowel movements, lumpy, hard stools and/or small pellet-like stools, accompanied by a sensation of incomplete emptying of the bowel. Children may also refuse to go to the toilet and experiences underwear soiling and bedwetting.

Beyond assuring your child drink plenty of water, exercise and eat a diet rich in fiber rich food like fruits and vegetables, they should also be taught not to “hold” or ignore the urge to move their bowel.

“There is a subset of the population suffering from this benign, yet often debilitating condition that is often under-treated and only gets worse over time,” Oliva-Hemker says.

“And no amount of fiber or prune juice will help a child with serious chronic constipation.”

A  holistic alternative doctor or nutritionist can get your child-and your entire family-on a healthy diet, natural supplements and a good regiment of consistent safe exercise, assuring everyone of good bowel health.

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