Emotional Eating And Weight Loss

Choosing to focus more on what we eat over why we eat, may be the reason some of us don’t lose weight even when we try eating healthier and increase our exercise.

Time again we see perfectly successful dieters fall back into a conveyor belt-like cycle of reaching for foods that temporary satiate them-like sweets and chips-depending on their mood. One cannot hope to change their eating habits, even when progressing on a healthy eating regiment, if they haven’t learned other ways of coping with their emotions.

“The problem that we’re trying to address is that the success rates for long-term weight loss are not as good as we would like them to be,” says Edie Goldbacher, a postdoctoral fellow at CORE. “Emotional eating may be one reason why people don’t do as well…”

If one can do as Dr. Goldbacher suggests, and face their emotions they might be able to rethink their mental responses and alter emotional eating.

Many people know all about the problems of emotional eating. As an expert in weight loss and in how to deal with the emotional component we both will plan a healthy diet and exercise routine for you to be successful and overcome emotional triggers.

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