Quit Smoking through Hypnosis

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A Great “Suggestion”

Hypnosis can’t make anyone do anything that they couldn’t be persuaded to do normally. That goes for smokers, too. Hypnosis can be used to place the suggestion to quit in the mind, but the person has to want to quit, and be prepared to quit. Otherwise hypnosis is useless.

Don’t worry about those old notions about hypnotists making their subjects caper like monkeys or quack like ducks. They were always nonsense. What hypnosis does is establish the conviction in your subconscious mind that you are not a smoker.

The key usefulness of the hypnotic state is to get past your everyday waking consciousness, by promoting deep relaxation. At that deeper level, the brain is very open to receiving new ideas, without any pre-conceptions getting in the way. However if you’re not really ready to quit, your “normal” conscious pattern of thinking may well prevent the relaxation techniques from taking effect.

Anyone Can Be a Good Hypnotic “Subject”

Despite the images in thriller films and TV shows, it’s not true that some people can’t be hypnotized. Anyone can learn how to go through the guiding imagery and verbal suggestion that leads to that deep relaxation which allows the subconscious mind to open up. There’s nothing “weird” about this mental state, really – it often happens spontaneously, as when driving along a quiet, familiar route, or doing other no-stress, routine things: a timeless state of relaxation. Hypnotherapy uses that state purposefully to help smokers quit.

You may want to investigate the many self-hypnosis materials specifically designed for quitting smoking available on CDs, tapes, and DVDs. You listen to and/or watch a hynotherapist/hypnosis leading you into the relaxed state and place suggestions in your mind that you are a non-smoker. These programs are recommended by many hypnotherapists who offer programs – often in group therapy settings – for quitting smoking, as the home environment and immediate availability of the recorded materials can be a great help for a quitter who needs on-the-spot reinforcement.

If you do opt to go to a hynotherapist/hypnosis once you decide to give up smoking, find out first whether they are certified. The certified therapist’s level of training will make it much more likely that your therapy will work.

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