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Your Partner Wants to Quit Smoking? Help Them With These Tips

Your spouse or partner is ready to quit smoking – and you can help in a big way. It’s a win-win for everyone in the household: once they’ve quit, you’ll all start to benefit from the absence of dangerous second-hand smoke. There are several simple ways you can make it easier for your loved one to get off tobacco.

Quit Together!

(Even if you don’t smoke)

Maybe you’re a smoker too. If you join your partner in quitting, the mutual support will make it much  more likely that your quitting program will succeed. But even if you’re not a tobacco user yourself, there’s got to be an area of your life that you’ve been wanting to change and improve: maybe you want to succeed with an exercise regime, lose weight, cut down on alcohol or quit drinking altogether, start a meditation practice. For the purpose of that mutual support, your goal will work as long as you want to work at and achieve it. When your partner is struggling with the urge to smoke, it’ll help him to see how you’re resisting the urge for another “comfort food” snack.

Avoiding Triggers

Triggers are the situations (often involving friends who smoke) that prompt the quitting smoker to give in to their desire for tobacco. It’s all a matter of habits and mental associations. Help your partner by helping him avoid the situations and the people as much as possible. Get the ashtrays and tobacco paraphernalia out of the house, and stop subscribing to coupon mailings or anything else that encourages smoking.

Pleasant Distractions

Take up a new interest or hobby together, maybe craft classes or dancing lessons. Distracting him from the Big Problem of quitting smoking with something fun and creative is a definite plus.

Provide Positive Reminders

Reinforce his ongoing effort by saving or e-mailing articles about the rewards of quitting – the money saved and the big health benefits. Sure, he may be well aware of it all, but a well timed reminder from you could keep him from reaching for a smoke.

It’s been shown by many studies that pursuing goals with a partner is much easier and more likely to succeed than going it alone. This is the basis of the Weight Watchers program, for instance, as their experience has proven that clients who join with a friend have a 3 times better chance of staying with the regime. Apply the principle to your loved one’s quitting program: give them the companionship and support they need for kicking the habit, and the incentive to enjoy life together without tobacco.

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