New Jersey Doctor Discusses Laser Therapy To Stop Smoking

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Smoking not only destroys a person’s immune system, causes various cancers and depletes the skin of nutrients, it is also a truly unique addiction in that it is injurious to even people who do not smoke.

The damaging effects of passive smoking or the more common term, second-hand smoke is such a concern governments everywhere have bolstered ‘quit smoking’ campaigns and new laws are being enacted every day where smokers can light-up and where they cannot.

The treatments for stopping smoking are numerous; from patches and herbal medicines to hypnotherapy/hypnosis. But smokers find the addiction is a powerful all encompassing one, even when they have attempted to stop for years. Lately it seems smokers have even been willing to pay for laser therapy.

Laser therapy seems to be gaining in popularity as it is easily available at most multi- faceted alternative holistic medical facilities. The completely safe therapy employs a low-power laser that provides pain relief during withdrawals from nicotine. Along with solid counseling sessions of vitamins, nutrition and lifestyle changes, a great number of cured addicts pay testimony to laser therapy effectiveness.

Akin to the acupuncture, the underlying principle of laser therapy is to reduce tension and increase circulation by topical stimulation. It is believed that a low level use of laser, like acupuncture needles inserted ever so lightly into the skin, release endorphins, our natural chemicals primarily responsible for signaling our reactions to stress and decreased energy.

A light very much like a light bulb is directed to certain natural energy points on the body, points related to smoking addiction; hands, face, ears and wrists. The therapy is an external procedure, uses no drugs and the application of the laser to a person’s skin is non-thermal and safe; patients feel nothing more than a warm, pulsating sensation.

The FDA consistently evaluates the treatment and the bio-stimulation lasers used for the therapy are constantly monitored. As with any other therapies factors such as a price, the level of a patient’s addiction and the extent of their withdrawals will be contributing factors to them breaking their smoking addiction.

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