The Health Benefits of Heavy Metal Detoxification

What are heavy metals?  Some of the prime examples are zinc, lead, nickel, mercury, arsenic, cobalt, manganese, lead, chromium, uranium and copper.  They are present all over the crust of the earth and even the air that we breathe every day.  They are in the food that we ingest and that water that we drink.  In small amounts, heavy metals are beneficial to the body.  Ample amounts of zinc in the body helps boost the immune system.  Chromium in small amounts does wonders in regulating one’s blood sugar levels.  However, too much of it can wreak havoc to one’s health.  The thing is, because heavy metals are all around us, one cannot escape its accumulation over time.  That is why it is necessary to go through heavy metal detoxification every once in a while.

What is heavy metal detoxification?  As the name suggests, it is the process by which we rid our bodies of excess heavy metals that it does not need.  It is usually done by performing a colon cleanse which includes taking a lot of greens and fiber.  One of the supplements that one cannot do without when it comes to heavy metal detoxification is Chlorella which is actually an algae that works by binding heavy metals together and helping its elimination.  Garlic and cilantro are also most helpful in this process as it helps draw these toxic metals out of the blood and the body’s tissue.  Taking MSM or methyl sulfonyl methane which is conveniently available in pill form is beneficial because it helps make the body’s cell walls flexible so the metals can pass through without any difficulty.

You may think that it is a lot of work but the result is ultimately worth it.  You may fail to recognize that you have been getting more frequent headaches or feeling tired more than usual.  Maybe you are starting to feel pain parts of your body where you never had to complain about before.  These are the common signs of excessive amounts of heavy metals in the body.  Perhaps it is time for you to go through heavy metal detoxification.

So what are its benefits?  To begin with, it will help you reach optimal health.  You will be able to do more in your day as you will not feel as tired, as weak and your headaches and pains will grow significantly less.  On the other hand, you will find yourself more energetic and lively throughout the day.  It is also great to know that regularly undergoing heavy metal detoxification reduces your chances of suffering from the much dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.

Even chronic conditions such as migraines, diabetes, arthritis and colitis will be more manageable just by doing heavy metal cleanse on a regular basis.  Studies even suggest that those who go through the detox process may have a smaller risk of cancer as this deadly disease is often linked to excessive amounts of toxins in the body.

Do your heavy metal detoxification.  You’re worth it.

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Signs and Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity at NJ Clinic

With so many toxic substances in the environment around us, it’s no wonder that many of them make their way into our bodies.  Doctors and scientists have determined that there are “acceptable” levels of certain heavy metals that we can have in our bodies, but how much do you have, and are those levels really “acceptable”?  There are certainly tests that you can undertake through various qualified practitioners, but first you may want to check and see if you have any of the signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.  Remember, many of the signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can also be attributed to other health conditions.  This is why it is important to get yourself tested for heavy metal toxicity by a qualified practitioner, rather than simply self diagnosing.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

One of the most commonly known symptoms of heavy metal toxicity is “brain fog.”  Many people will often join this symptom with loss of memory and forgetfulness, but these are two separate symptoms.  Brain fog is best described as a reduced ability to process thoughts, for example having trouble making simple decisions or maybe a difficulty in figuring out the tip after eating out at a restaurant.  In contrast, loss of memory and forgetfulness can be as simple as difficulty remembering a name or face, or walking into a room and forgetting why you went into the room to begin with.  These two symptoms are sometimes easy to overlook because many people will attribute them to stress, lack of sleep, or having too much on the mind.  Of course, if the problems persist or become worse, this is a strong indication of heavy metal toxicity.

Coincidentally, a lack of sufficient sleep and increased stress can also both be symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, as can extreme fatigue and depression.   Since these factors can be experienced in varying degrees in many people’s lives, they are rarely identified as signs or symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.  This is why it is extremely important to get tested.  Further, heavy metal toxicity is a gradual process, with heavy metals building up over time.  Symptoms, therefore, will begin to show themselves gradually over time, becoming more severe little by little rather than manifesting all at once.

In addition to the above I will provide a brief list of additional signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.  Be aware that this is neither a complete nor exhaustive listing.   There are many other sings and symptoms that may become apparent on their own or in conjunction with one or more of those listed above or below:   alcohol intolerance, allergies (food or environmental), inability to lose weight, chronic unexplained pain, coated tongue, cold hands and feet, dark circles under the eyes, digestive problems, frequent colds and flus, headaches, intolerance to vitamins or medications, low body temperature, metallic taste in mouth, muscle and joint pain, muscle tics or twitches, muscle tremors, night sweats, parasites, prone to rashes, sensitive teeth, sensitivity to smells like perfume or tobacco or others, skin problems, small black spots on the gums, sore or receding gums, tingling in the extremities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Remember, it is not possible to diagnose one’s self simply by analyzing the signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity.  This is why it is important to get tested by a qualified practitioner.

All forms of heavy metal testing including hair, urine, urine challenge and blood available at the AIM Center at 1 Sears Drive Paramus, NJ. Call Robert Galarowicz Naturopath at 201.618.3534 to discuss heavy metal testing and ridding your bodies of these toxins.

Heavy Metal Poisoning – What You Need To Know

Our environment is filled with heavy metals, and we keep pumping more of them into it every day.  We put mercury into the air by burning coal for electricity.  The mercury is either breathed in, precipitated into our drinking water, or even introduced into the food supply through fish or even land animals that drink contaminated water.  We have put literally tons of lead into the air by burning gasoline and oil as a fuel for automobiles and machinery.  This lead enters other environmental systems similarly to mercury.  Arsenic is used as a pesticide, as a preservative for food and animal feed, as well as for pressure treating wood.  Arsenic is also released into the air during the smelting of several metals.  The most common source of arsenic is from eating foods and drinking water.  Arsenic is in shellfish, fruits and vegetables, and in the meats that we eat.  These are only 3 of the possible heavy metals that can build up to toxic levels in the body, leading to heavy metal poisoning.  Heavy metal poisoning is an extremely serious condition with a variety of signs and symptoms and must be treated immediately.

Heavy metals are defined as chemical elements that have a specific gravity (or density) that is at least 5 times the density of water.  There are a myriad of elements that meet this description.  The significance of these elements are that they are metals and thus do not break down.  Instead, they accumulate over time in the environment and in the bodies of people or animals that ingest or absorb them.  Heavy metal poisoning is defined as the toxic accumulation of heavy metals in the soft tissues of the body.  Often times these heavy metals accumulate in the organs of the body, disrupting the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals, displacing vitamins and minerals already in the body, or in the case of the brain, blocking the ability of neurons to execute essential brain functions.

There are a wide range of symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, and they can vary based upon the particular heavy metal or metals that a person has been exposed to, as well as the organs or tissues of the body that have been effected.  It is important for anyone who has believes that they have been exposed to heavy metals in a higher than normal rate to get themselves tested immediately.  For many cases of heavy metal poisoning chelation therapy, the process of removing heavy metals from the body, can halt any further damage to the body.  Unfortunately, chelation therapy cannot reverse the damage already done to the body so it is important to have yourself tested as soon as possible.  For certain elements such as Thallium, if treatment is not started within 72 hours of exposure damage to the nervous system is likely to be permanent.  Even if there has not been a specific exposure incident, it is important for anyone who is noticing that something may not be quite right with their body to get checked out.  For that matter, with the amount of exposure that we all get every day from the environment around us, it wouldn’t hurt to get tested even if you feel fine.  Better to catch heavy metal poisoning early rather than wait for the symptoms and risk permanent damage.

Heavy Metal Testing and removing of poisons are available at the AIM Center in New Jersey. Call Robert at 201.618.3534 to discuss your needs and answer any questions.

Robert Galarowicz ND – Naturopath

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Heavy Metal Toxicity – The World Is Trying To Kill You – What You Can Do To Save Yourself

When we think of nature, we think of clean, pure, serene, good health and healing.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case.   We humans have been taking a toll on the planet for generations, and we’re only now starting to realize some of the effects.  Of course we all know about the major issues: destruction of the rain forests, deforestation in general, giant floating garbage swirls in the ocean, over loaded landfills, polluted rivers and streams, oil spills.  What we often don’t know about are the very deadly, but very invisible pollutants that permeate even the most serene looking of our environments.  These are the silent killers and debilitators that slowly build up in our systems, gradually taking us down.

These slow acting substances are often referred to as “heavy metals” and lead to a condition known as heavy metal toxicity.  One of the most common of these is mercury toxicity.  You see, we’ve been burning coal as a source of electricity throughout the world for many, many years.  One of the contaminants that’s found in coal is mercury.  When we burn coal in a power plant the mercury turns into a vapor and rises into the atmosphere, which then rains down at a later date.  Much of that mercury ends up in the oceans where it enters the food chain.  It starts with plankton and bacteria that absorb the mercury, then they are eaten by small fish, which are eaten by larger fish, and then larger fish, and so on, with the mercury content of each fish increasing as it goes up the food chain.  By the time a fish gets to our plates, they have a fairly high level of mercury in them, which then goes into us.  It’s not only fish, either.  Any animal that drinks water, or that eats plants that grew with water (all of them) will be susceptible to mercury buildup to some degree.  It’s also not just mercury.  There are many other heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium, and beryllium, just to name a few.

Consumer reports have detailed extensive levels of the heavy metal arsenic in several varieties of rice.  These are not negligible levels.  Dr. Oz has discussed recently arsenic toxicity in juices such as apple and grape.  And you may not know that there is mercury in fluorescent light bulbs.  Have you been near a broken fluorescent light bulb?  If so you may have had an extra dose.

Once these metals set up shop in our bodies, they do not easily come out by natural means.  As they build up they can have debilitating effects on our immune system, our cognitive (brain) functions, respiratory and circulatory systems, and nervous systems.  With the high prevalence of these elements in our environment in at least some degree, higher in some areas than others, we are all exposed to these elements every single day.  Wouldn’t you think it was important to assess your exposure levels and try to reduce or eliminate your contamination?

Fortunately there is a way.  Heavy metal testing has been around for many years, and with a proper practitioner implementing the heavy metal testing, it is possible for patients to get a good idea of just how much heavy metal toxicity they are experiencing.  After heavy metal testing has been administered, patients and practitioners can work together on what is called heavy metal detoxification, or heavy metal detox.  This can be done in a variety of ways, with some more effective than others.  There is simple oral chelation, a process where a chelating agent is taken orally, then attaches itself to the heavy metal particles in the body and passes out of the body, taking the heavy metals with it.  This is the most common method and is quite effective for heavy metal detoxification.  There has been testing with consumption of cilantro as a chelating agent, with measurable results.  There are also other chelating agents that can be provided by practitioners that specialize in the field of heavy metal detox.

Many people do not know that they are suffering from heavy metal toxicity.  There are many symptoms that go unnoticed, including fatigue, inability to focus, fogginess of the brain, lingering illnesses and other mild or severe immune system deficiencies.  These effects often go untreated, and can compound over time.  This is why it is important to get heavy metal testing and find out if heavy metal detox is for you.  We all have some level of these heavy metals in our bodies; that is unavoidable.  However, we can reduce or eliminate them, and with the availability of heavy metal detox, why shouldn’t we?

Our New Jersey clinic can provide all the heavy metal testing and detoxification you may need.

Call 201-618-3534 to discuss your situation with Robert.


L-Carnitine Injections At The AIM Center in New Jersey

Besides weight loss L-Carnitine injections are used to treat a number of diseases, both for promotion of a better state of health through treatment of a disease like cancer, and as a natural remedy for male impotence by promoting healthier sperm. For cancer patients the naturally occurring L-carnitine gets used at a higher rate. This is a common cause of fatigue among cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. The L-carnitine injections boost energy, and by balancing amino acid levels in the body also promote better sleep.

While the most common uses of L-carnitine injectables are in the area of weight loss, muscle building and athletic improvements, the amino acids enhance energy functions and also improve overall brain health and activity. Certain AIDS medications are known to cause muscle problems. Those experiencing the side effects of these AIDS medications, as well as those suffering other brain disorders, use L-carnitine injections because the increased amino acids promotes an improved brain functioning and amelioration of symptoms.

Weight Loss with L-carnitine injection

L-carnitine injectable treatments increase metabolism in the body and promote burning of fats. L-carnitine is a naturally occurring protein most commonly found in the liver and kidneys and stored in the muscles. Besides the fat burning properties, it is an amino acid that boosts energy, making it popular with body builders and athletes. As a weight loss regimen, L-carnitine injection is typically given 1-3 times a week to start.

L-carnitine injectables help with numerous conditions

Depending on the condition being treated, monitoring by a doctor is recommended. This is true for the best results when treating side effects of chemotherapy or AIDs medications, or its use in brain disorders. For those looking for weight loss, improved athletic performance and muscle building, L-carnitine injectable treatments are an excellent supplement source. An evaluation by a doctor is beneficial for analysis of the best way to use L-carnitine injectables even as weight loss, athletic and muscle building treatments.

If you are interested in L-Carnitine injections call Robert at 201.618.3534 to discuss what you are looking for and to get started with an appointment. Each L-Carnitine injection can $50 to 100 depending on the dose and strength. Insurance does not cover this treatment.

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Vitamin B12 Shots, Injections With Lipotropics for Weight loss, Energy & Good Health

One of the ways offered by the market to regulate our weight, improve energy, depression and other symptoms is B12. Vitamin B12 injections are now in common use for these purposes and have been promoted by celebrities as a further boost to weight loss, improve health, medical conditions and overall well being.

Vitamin B12 injections has loads of benefits over the orally or sublingual (taken orally by melting it under your tongue) tablets.  Its side effects are zero to few and can be well managed by the individual and experts.

What exactly is B12?

B12 is a 1 amongst the 11 available B vitamins and can be found in foods like salmon, lean meats, among others. Vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin and help boost proper metabolic functions of cell in the body.

It can be produced industrially by pharmacist in several forms. The common forms are oral (sublingual, that is, leave to melt on or under your tongue) tablets and injection form.

Vitamin B12 injections are preferred to the oral tablets by most people because it supplies the body with the exact required amount and aids weight loss, increases energy, and many people can’t absorb the oral form.

When you inject shots of B12, your body experience increase in metabolic rate. This increased metabolic rate increases your energy and thus burning calories, which eventually lead to weight loss.  This increase in metabolic rate also helps with conditions of poor health. Experts do agree that it aids weight loss and the best way to get our body vitamin B12 in the right amount is through an injection.

Vitamin B12 for Weight Loss

If you are using it for weight loss, experts recommend using injections for weight loss once a week. The kind of B12 injection that you will need is B12 injection with lipotropics.

Vitamin B12 shots with lipotropics contain carefully calibrated doses of natural lipotropic (fat burner) nutrients that improve your ability to shed fat.

Lipotropic compounds are substances which help to increase the breakdown of fat (lipid) during metabolism, and thus, reduce excess fat in the liver and other tissues.

Injections of carefully calibrated doses of natural lipotropic nutrients can improve your ability to shed fat.

The weight loss injections of B12 can cause us the result we’re looking for because they usually contain a fat burner, and also contain a combination of lipotropic composed of natural herbs, vitamins and many minerals. These lipotropic are really beneficial for  helping you control liver fats deposits.

B12 Shots Health Benefits

The benefits of  injections of vitamin B12 are basically reducing stress levels, improved skin, increased energy level, improving depression, anxiety, better mental health, and weight loss.

B12 shots are available at the AIM Center in Bergen County NJ. Call Robert at 201.618.3534 to discuss B12 shots and get started receiving injections.

Amino Acid Therapy Using Compound Amino Acids Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

The AIM Center in Paramus, NJ offers customized Amino Acid Therapy for various conditions. Call Robert to speak further, answer questions and set you up initial appointment. Call 201.618.3534. Amino Acid therapies are not covered by insurance.

In New York you can find reputable clinics that provide amino acid therapy using compound amino acids.

Amino Acid Therapy using Compound Amino Acids in New York, NY is easy to find

Amino acids are the breakdown products of proteins. They are the building blocks of proteins. some amino acids are not available in a person’s everyday diet, creating a need to be supplemented. When receiving Amino acid therapy in New York, these amino acids are delivered in a concentrated form. There are three main macro-nutrients in the food we eat each day. These are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This means proteins play a very important role in maintaining our health and wellbeing, and should make up a large part of our diets. Proteins are an important requirement in our daily diet because they are necessary for the building blocks of muscle and brain tissue.

Effective Amino Acid Therapy Using Compound Amino Acids Can Be Found In New York And New Jersey

Amino acids, are essential precursors to the brain making the chemical serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant chemical. A good clinic offering Amino acid therapy in New Jersey will treat you using compound amino acids which will help your brain make Serotonin. Serotonin needs the amino acid tryptophan to be produced and work effectively. Tryptophan can be found in foods such as turkey. Our brains can become depleted of these crucial chemicals, if we do not have the proper amino acids in our diet. This is why it is important to receive amino acid therapy from a very reputable clinic if you are in NJ or NY. Amino acid therapy which includes treatment with compound amino acids can alleviate depression, it can also reduce incidences of insomnia. Amino acid therapy can help in improving Attention Deficit Disorder, anxiety, memory loss, weight gain and even addictive disorders.

Amino acid therapy in NY and NJ is often used to help address many of the issues mentioned in the previous paragraph. The brain has neurotransmitters. Required for it’s synthesis, each neurotransmitter has a specific amino acid. Each amino acid plays a very important and specific role within the brain and the body.

The use of amino acids for depression and other health maladies related to chemistry imbalance, has a long and well documented history. Amino acids were discovered in the early 1900’s. They were used into the late 1980’s as the mainstay for treating many types of conditions, until the advent of pharmaceutical medications.  Still, amino acids continue to be a natural treatment option from the allopathic repertoire, and continue to be a popular option for complementary and alternative medicine applications. Imbalances have been linked to several diseases including Parkinson’s, depression, insomnia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety, memory loss, weight gain, and addictive disorders. Compound amino acid therapy is an essential part of treatment for those seeking natural methods for balancing their brain chemistry.

Intravenous Chelation Therapy offered in New Jersey

Chelation Therapy is a popular method of cleansing and rejuvenating the body. Many people who suffer from fatigue report increased energy, awareness and sense of well-being after undergoing Chelation Therapy. Intravenous Chelation Therapy has many advantages over oral pills. The purpose of Chelation Therapy is to remove toxins from the body. Heavy metals get caught in the cell tissue walls of the body as the body’s own cleansing mechanism removes those toxins from the blood. The toxins must be removed from the blood or the blood becomes poisoned. So the body dumps these toxins and heavy metals into the cell walls, in a very real sense poisoning the cells. Chelation Therapy uses amino acids to claw the poisons out of the cells. However, if not done correctly this runs some risks.

Why is IV Chelation Therapy the Best Choice?

The amino acids used in Chelation Therapy also remove necessary minerals from the cells. When done properly the effect is minimal, and the benefit great. IV Chealtion Therapy by-passes the stomach’s channels and sends the amino acids directly into the blood stream where they are sent to the cell walls to get out the bad toxins and heavy metals. Pills must sit in the stomach until they dissolve and pass through the stomach lining. Much of any pill we take gets left in the stomach and flushed through the kidneys and liver. But with IV Chelation Therapy all the amino acid gets directly into the blood.

When pills are taken all the amino acids not absorbed catch into the tissues of the kidney and liver where they are more likely to remove the good minerals as well as the bad toxins. This can leave someone taking the pills feeling worse because of vitamin and mineral depletion. When IV Chelation Therapy is administered the risk is low. What gets past through the kidney and liver is a lot of toxins and heavy metals that will get flushed out in the waste.

So it’s best to opt for IV Chelation Therapy when looking for the best way to cleanse your body of toxins. It will leave you feeling stronger, and can reduce the symptoms of a number of ailments, especially those where pain and fatigue are side-effects or symptoms. Be sure to use any therapy only as recommended and when choosing IV Chelation Therapy it’s best to get recommendations and reviews as to the best IV Chelation Therapy method.

IV Chelation Therapy is available in New Jersey at the AIM Center under the medical direction of licensed medical doctors. Each session is $150 and call Robert at 201.618.3534 to schedule your appointment or talk further. The AIM Center is near NYC, New York State.

What is Chelation Therapy? NJ Naturopath explains ..

Chelation Therapy removes toxic agents, primarily heavy metals from the body. By removing toxic substances from the body, cells become healthier. Cells which become clogged up with toxins and heavy metals do not work the way they should. In fact, those cells are in a sense, poisoned. Modern medical practices are sadly lacking in a full and complete understanding of the effects on cells full of toxins. This has led to a lot of conflicting information about Chelation Therapy. The body mechanism which manage our basic health makes attempt to pick from the best of bad situations when confronted with problems. The blood is one of the most important elements in our body, and the body understands that the blood cannot become diseased. So when possible, the body moves contaminants out of the blood into the cells of the body. Here they get stored and built up, until our cells become so full of toxins and heavy metals that we become ill, feel bad, often with no discernable reason.

How Chelation Therapy Works

In Chelation Therapy patients are given agents which bind to the toxins and heavy metals and remove them from the body, transporting them to the liver and kidneys where they are excreted in waste. Studies have been performed which show that urine and stool examined after Chelation Therapy contained much higher levels of toxins and heavy metals.

Most Chelation Therapy consists of an EDTA, an amino acid that removes toxins. It binds to the cells in tissue and claws out the heavy metals and toxins. It can also remove necessary minerals so it is best to use a Chelation Therapy only as instructed. Debate exists over the effectiveness of pill based Chelation Therapy. Some assert that the EDTA has a difficult time passing through the stomach wall and in concentrations removes too many necessary minerals out of the stomach lining.

But that doesn’t mean that the only other option is a costly doctor visit. There are other alternative Chelation Therapy options which can be done at home. Chelation therapy can reduce fatigue, joint swelling, pain and is also an excellent detox for the body. While it’s little understood exactly how it works, the presence of heavy metals within cells can be seen as something which should not be there and are best removed. Using Chelation Therapy will do no harm when done properly, and even if someone doesn’t suffer from any directly related ailments, many have reported a rejuvenated feeling and sense of well-being.

Chelation Therapy is available at the AIM Center in New Jersey. Call Robert at 201.618.3534 to schedule your appointment. Each session is about $150 and is not covered by insurance.

What Are Vitamin Injections? Available in New Jersey

What are Vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections are mere injections being used to pass vitamins into the body. These are used instead of oral treatments for those who have difficulty swallowing, those who have problems with their digestive tracts or otherwise just as a preferred method of treatment. Vitamin injections contain natural vitamins which include the B-vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12; vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, minerals, enzymes, Folic Acid and many more.

As we well know, vitamins are really essential to the body and are important for normal metabolism. But it’s a pity that most of our foods have little or no nutrients in them due to the processing the foods undergo before we get to consume them. If it’s not the canning process, it will be the storage. So we need to get other means of getting the right amount of nutrients into our bodies. This is very essential. The deficiency of it in the diet may cause diseases. For instance, lack of vitamin c will definitely cause scurvy after a while. This shows how essential every vitamin that should be present in our diet is to our bodies.

Vitamin injections are used to cure the body system of any disease and to also help the body fight against these diseases just like every other treatment.

The major advantage of the vitamin injections is that it allows the vitamins to reach their goal faster than the oral intake of it which would have to undergo a series of complex breakdowns in the stomach.


What do I gain from taking the vitamin injections instead of swallowing them?

Injectable vitamins are for everyone and can be used by everyone irrespective of age, size or nationality.

For those suffering from chronic digestive conditions, vitamin injections are an alternative to oral intake of vitamins. Because their digestive system is not working right, their absorption rate is compromised and therefore as an alternative to oral treatment, we have the injection.

Vitamin injection helps to boost the immune system.

The vitamin injections have a faster rate of being absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore work faster and more effectively than the vitamins that pass through the rigorous metabolism of the digestive tracts. The nutrients therefore reach the cells almost immediately after taking the injection and almost the entire 100% of it too. For instance, when taking vitamin B12 orally, it first has to go through the stomach- for breaking down; then to the small intestine- absorption processes; then it reaches the liver- for metabolism; before finally reaching the cells- the final destination. After the whole process, we realise that only a tiny amount of it gets to that destination. The injection doesn’t need to go through these organs so it reaches its destination faster and in the required dosage.

The vitamins such as the B-vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 when injected into the body, are hardly touched or broken down and therefore the amount injected to the body is bio-available up to 10-20 times more. So the same dosage taken orally will not deliver the same amount of vitamins in the end but the injection would.

It reduces stress both in the mind and physically.

For those who have heartburns, stomach cramps, indigestion or even bloating problems, vitamin injections will be of great benefit because they will not have to bother about the effects of taking the vitamins orally.

Vitamin injections help to keep toxins at bay and hence, keep the body younger and more active.

Vitamin injections help to restore health to an ailing one.

Because the injections are prepared to suit the need of the individual’s body, you are assured that it will be satisfactory in treating your deficiencies.

These injections help detox processes in the liver, the kidneys and the lymph.


What dosage am I entitled to?

The solution has no fixed dosage but will be prepared specifically to suit each person in accordance to the needed vitamins on the person’s body and in what quantity.

Based on the individual’s body requirement, a solution is carefully prepared to suit the needs of such a person. This is then injected into the body.

Some of these injections are given intravenously; some could be injected over 3 hours while others are injected over 30mins for instant effectiveness.


How safe?

Taking vitamin injections are as safe as they get. They are taken just like any other normal injections. Therefore it is only normal that the only complaints will be like the ones any prickling of the veins can cause.

It is good to note that any prickling of the vein could cause an infection, an inflammation of the vein or on very rare occasions, a clot in the vein.


What are the side effects?

Because the vitamin injections affords us the luxury of being able to take in more vitamins than we would take orally (up to 15g) without any hassles or side effects, we tend to take things for granted. But we need to note that people are not the same and there are sensitive people who will develop some reactions even after just 5g of vitamin c injection.


Call Robert Galarowicz, Naturopath to schedule your appointment at the AIM Center in New Jersey and ask questions about vitamin injections. The cost of this treatment is from 25 to $100, depending on what you are looking for. Insurance doesn’t cover this fee. Call 201.618.3534