What is Holistic Nutrition and How Can It Help Me?

A lot of people ask me about the different types of nutrition counseling, so I wrote a quick article on holistic nutrition. I found holistic nutrition allowed me to help many people. At that time that was of the forms of nutrition counseling I had been trained in and found it the most therapeutic. Later […]

Children Need Good Nutrition by NJ Holistic Naturopathic Doctor

Why Our Kids Diets Are So Important

As we all know, what a pregnant mother does affects her child greatly in utero, so should a parent’s good health concerns continue into their child’s infancy…and beyond? Nutrition, stresses, and exercise all play a determinant role in forming a child’s immune system and overall healthy outlook. […]

Nutrition Is Essential in Cancer Treatments

Nutrition is very important for all individuals, but especially for those who are fighting cancer. For this reason, proper nutritional support is now being included in comprehensive cancer treatments and is a important component of integrative and holistic oncology. While proper nutrition in most cases will not cure cancer, it can provide strength and health […]

New Jersey Didn't Make The List Of 100 Worst Cities For Asthma-See Who Did

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranked the worst cities with asthma according to factors such as annual pollen scores, pollution levels, public smoking laws, poverty rates, the percentage of people without health insurance, and state laws ensuring student access to emergency inhalers to use in asthma episodes. The researchers also looked at the […]

Holistic Health and Wellness is More Than Just A Good Diet

Any good talk therapist will tell you that focusing on a concept is the first step to achieving it. A car racer will tell you that you have to look at where you want the car to go, not what you need to avoid.

However, how often do we focus on our wellness? Instead, we […]