Americans Need More Vitamin D To Be Healthy

Researchers from the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine found three out of four Americans had insufficient levels of vitamin D, the so called “sunshine vitamin”. Ironic as it is: spending 10 minutes in the sun with legs and arms exposed can help to battle the deficiency our modern world allows us ever more time to sit indoors working or playing on computers and not enough time out and about.

“But people’s habits have changed … they are less active and outdoors less, and also protecting their skin from the sun because of skin cancer risk,” said Dr. Adit Ginde said in the Colorado study.

Vitamin D is vital to bone health but recent discoveries show many types of cells in the body contain vitamin D receptors, which indicates they use vitamin D in some way. The vitamin regulates 1,000 genes, Dr. Ginde said, and is believed to have a role in preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer, and regulating the immune system.

The good news is that, besides getting one’s self out for a walk. Foods like fish and most dairy products contain a good amount of vitamin D. But as Dr. Ginde cautions, “the amounts in dairy are primarily designed to keep people from falling into the deficient category. Given the current guidelines, most Americans could use more vitamin D.”

Supplementation and that all important healthy diet, plus a good regiment of exercise-outdoors as much as possible-will help get Americans back on track where their vitamin D deficiencies are concerned. If you’re looking for a tailor-made diet regime and supplementation plan to address you’re individual needs feel free to contact me.

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