What Are Vitamin Injections? Available in New Jersey

What are Vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections are mere injections being used to pass vitamins into the body. These are used instead of oral treatments for those who have difficulty swallowing, those who have problems with their digestive tracts or otherwise just as a preferred method of treatment. Vitamin injections contain natural vitamins which include the B-vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12; vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, minerals, enzymes, Folic Acid and many more.

As we well know, vitamins are really essential to the body and are important for normal metabolism. But it’s a pity that most of our foods have little or no nutrients in them due to the processing the foods undergo before we get to consume them. If it’s not the canning process, it will be the storage. So we need to get other means of getting the right amount of nutrients into our bodies. This is very essential. The deficiency of it in the diet may cause diseases. For instance, lack of vitamin c will definitely cause scurvy after a while. This shows how essential every vitamin that should be present in our diet is to our bodies.

Vitamin injections are used to cure the body system of any disease and to also help the body fight against these diseases just like every other treatment.

The major advantage of the vitamin injections is that it allows the vitamins to reach their goal faster than the oral intake of it which would have to undergo a series of complex breakdowns in the stomach.


What do I gain from taking the vitamin injections instead of swallowing them?

Injectable vitamins are for everyone and can be used by everyone irrespective of age, size or nationality.

For those suffering from chronic digestive conditions, vitamin injections are an alternative to oral intake of vitamins. Because their digestive system is not working right, their absorption rate is compromised and therefore as an alternative to oral treatment, we have the injection.

Vitamin injection helps to boost the immune system.

The vitamin injections have a faster rate of being absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore work faster and more effectively than the vitamins that pass through the rigorous metabolism of the digestive tracts. The nutrients therefore reach the cells almost immediately after taking the injection and almost the entire 100% of it too. For instance, when taking vitamin B12 orally, it first has to go through the stomach- for breaking down; then to the small intestine- absorption processes; then it reaches the liver- for metabolism; before finally reaching the cells- the final destination. After the whole process, we realise that only a tiny amount of it gets to that destination. The injection doesn’t need to go through these organs so it reaches its destination faster and in the required dosage.

The vitamins such as the B-vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 when injected into the body, are hardly touched or broken down and therefore the amount injected to the body is bio-available up to 10-20 times more. So the same dosage taken orally will not deliver the same amount of vitamins in the end but the injection would.

It reduces stress both in the mind and physically.

For those who have heartburns, stomach cramps, indigestion or even bloating problems, vitamin injections will be of great benefit because they will not have to bother about the effects of taking the vitamins orally.

Vitamin injections help to keep toxins at bay and hence, keep the body younger and more active.

Vitamin injections help to restore health to an ailing one.

Because the injections are prepared to suit the need of the individual’s body, you are assured that it will be satisfactory in treating your deficiencies.

These injections help detox processes in the liver, the kidneys and the lymph.


What dosage am I entitled to?

The solution has no fixed dosage but will be prepared specifically to suit each person in accordance to the needed vitamins on the person’s body and in what quantity.

Based on the individual’s body requirement, a solution is carefully prepared to suit the needs of such a person. This is then injected into the body.

Some of these injections are given intravenously; some could be injected over 3 hours while others are injected over 30mins for instant effectiveness.


How safe?

Taking vitamin injections are as safe as they get. They are taken just like any other normal injections. Therefore it is only normal that the only complaints will be like the ones any prickling of the veins can cause.

It is good to note that any prickling of the vein could cause an infection, an inflammation of the vein or on very rare occasions, a clot in the vein.


What are the side effects?

Because the vitamin injections affords us the luxury of being able to take in more vitamins than we would take orally (up to 15g) without any hassles or side effects, we tend to take things for granted. But we need to note that people are not the same and there are sensitive people who will develop some reactions even after just 5g of vitamin c injection.


Call Robert Galarowicz, Naturopath to schedule your appointment at the AIM Center in New Jersey and ask questions about vitamin injections. The cost of this treatment is from 25 to $100, depending on what you are looking for. Insurance doesn’t cover this fee. Call 201.618.3534

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