Smoking Not Only Destroys Your Lungs But Also Makes You Dumber

A study of over 20,000 military personnel in Israel found that the more you smoke the more your IQ decreases. And you only had to smoke one cigarette per day to start dropping your IQ.

The researchers, who had their study published in the February 2010 Addiction Journal, looked at 20,211 18-year-old men recruited into the Israeli armed forces. None of the participants had a history of mental health problems as these people are excluded from entering the military.

These findings suggest that smoking cigarettes may cause a reduction in brain function leading to lower IQ Scores. This makes sense because with the amount of health problems cigarettes cause why can’t it lower your IQ score? Now, let’s see if the cigarette industry refutes this study.

If you are a smoker and not ready to quit, use this tip. Begin taking a high potency fish oil product (preferably a liquid) daily to help nourish and regenerate brain cells, so you can buffer the brain damage from smoking.

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