The hypnosis or hypnotherapist is not a magician. He or she can’t simply dangle a pocket watch before you, talk softly and “put you under” to do their bidding. You can’t be made into an automaton, unable to wake up, nor can hypnotic suggestions be implanted into your mind to come bubbling to the surface hours later causing you to act contrary to the way you normally would. Simply put, your hypnosis/hypnotherapist and you work together to attempt to alter behavior you want altered.

Contrary to popular belief, the hypnotized client needs to be fully compliant for the hypnosis to work. One is not in a trance or unconscious when in hypnosis. The reason hypnosis can be successful in helping a person to change behaviors damaging to them, say to eat healthier or stop smoking, is that the firm suggestions a hypnotherapist makes during a session are in line with what the subject wants to accomplish. The person who desires to be a non-smoker for instance, welcomes the hypnotherapist’s verbal cues of wanting to breathe freer, have a healthier lifestyle, and break the addition to nicotine. They will slowly come to ‘unlearn’ habits, habits they fully want to change, as the hypnotherapist/hypnosis counselor suggests a different reality to their subconscious mind—that they are a non smoker—and over time the subconscious will slowly supersede the conscious mind in altering a person’s behavior.

The hypnosis counselor helps a patient along. He or she will find the triggers that cause people to smoke—a connection with your morning cup of coffee, social stimulant, a way to reduce stress, boredom—-and work with your unconscious mind to eliminate those cravings and prompts. Good hypnotherapists customize therapy to their patient’s triggers, tailor-making a solution to help their patient eliminate the cravings.



Hypnosis is very effective for the following problems:

ABUSE…Emotional, physical or sexual maltreatment.

AGORAPHOBIA…Irrational fear of being in a situation where escape is difficult or impossible, e.g. crowded public places, like markets, shopping centers, churches, buses etc. Increasing nervousness the further they travel from their own home.

ALCOHOLISM…A disease that includes alcohol craving and continued drinking despite repeated alcohol-related problems, such as losing a job or relationship, or getting into trouble with the law. Symptoms include craving, impaired control, physical dependence, and increased alcohol tolerance.

ANGER/ ANGER MANAGEMENT..Anger, violence, temper tantrums, jealousy and relationship difficulties.


ANXIETY…Feeling anxious, stressed, nervous, or having panic attacks. (see Anxiety/Stress)

AVERSION…Antipathy. Intense irrational dislike of anything or anybody.

BLUSHING..Blushing, sweating, embarrassment.

BULIMIA…Binging, purging, bringing up food, making yourself sick after eating.

CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME (CFS)… Also known as M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Encephalopathy) or Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS)


DEPRESSION…Depressed, feeling desperation or hopelessness, or out of control.


DYSPRAXIA…Is an impairment or immaturity of the organization of movement or the brain’s inability to plan muscle movements and carry them out. It is the way that the brain processes information, which results in messages not being properly or fully transmitted.

DRUG ADDICTION…Drug abuse e.g. cocaine or cannabis use. (See OCD)

ECZEMA…Eczema is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the upper layers of the skin, stress-related..

EMETOPHOBIA…The fear of vomiting, the fear of being sick..

ENEURESIS (also Enuresis)…Involuntary discharge of urine usually during sleep at night; bedwetting beyond the age when bladder control should have been established.


FEARS… Many Different.To be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event

FEAR OF FLYING…This is one of the 10 most common phobias


FETISHES…in which an object is associated with a particularly powerful form of sexual arousal or gratification, causing difficulties in the more socially acceptable form of sexual intercourse.

GAMBLING ADDICTIONS…Treatment for all kinds of addictions such as gambling or drugs. See OCD Compulsions

IBS…Help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and toilet-related phobias.

IMPOTENCE…Help for erection problems, not being able to get or maintain an erection.

INSOMNIA…Treatment for lack of sleep, chronic sleep disorder..


LOW LIBIDO…Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder – low sex drive or frigidity.

LOW SELF ESTEEM…Lack of confidence, or shyness.

M.E… (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Encephalopathy) Also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS)


OBSESSIONS…Recurring obsessional thoughts usually negative or obsessive actions. (See OCD/Obsessions)

OCD…Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. (See OCD/Obsessions)

PANIC ATTACKS…Sudden intense fear, panic or sense of impending disaster.

PHOBIA…An uncontrollable, irrational and persistent fear of a specific object, situation or activity. It is not an illness or mental disorder. Hypnosis is widely known to be able to get rid of phobias. (See Phobias)


POST VIRAL FATIGUE SYNDROME (PVFS) Also known as ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Encephalopathy) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

PREMATURE EJACULATION…Help with Premature ejaculation.

PTSD…Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PVFS…Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome.


RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS…Jealousy, temper, violence, sexual problems. See Sexual problems.


SELF ESTEEM , Lack Of…Low self esteem is treated very successfully with hypnotherapy/NLP with tremendous results.

SELF HARM…Help with cutting or burning skin to release tension and anxiety. See Self-harm


Embarrassment at urinating, and where men find it difficult to pee in front of others. Toilet phobia.

Feeling shy, blushing, feeling stared at, ‘on the spot’ or humiliated.

STOPPING SMOKING/QUITTING SMOKING usually in one easy session. Quit smoking easily with hypnosis. (See Stop Smoking )



TRICHOTILLOMANIA…Chronic hair pulling.

VAGINISIMUS…Where sex is painful or impossible for a woman.

VITILIGO…Smooth white patches in the skin caused by the loss of pigment-producing cells. Surprisingly, although this is a physical symptom, it can respond well to hypnotherapy, due to the fact that it is a stress-related disorder.



Alternative Integrative Medical Center
1 Sears Dr. Fl#4
Paramus, NJ 07652

FROM THE WEST: Take Rte. 206 south to 15 south to Rte. 80east. You want exit 62A-62B (the sign says Saddle Brooke/Saddle River Rd/Garden State Parkway). After the slight curve of the exit, bear right at the fork to enter Garden State Parkway North (this is a partial toll road-in fact there is a one dollar toll just as you enter). After the toll, best get in your left lane, as the exit you want (the third one you will come to on the parkway) is on your left, #163. That road leads you directly to Rte. 17 N. Travel for about two more miles, look for the “Paramus Park” sign and take the exit here-this is Sears Drive-my building (#1) is the only building on the left (if you drive into the mall you’ve gone too far).

The towns below are located from the west within 50 miles of the Alternative Integrative Medicine Center:

fairlawn, n.j. ridgewood, n.j. paterson, n.j. hawthorne, n.j. midland park, n.j. glen rock, n.j. haledon, n.j. sparrow bush, n.j. patterson, n.j. chester, n.j. mountain lakes, n.j. newfoundland, n.j. berkeley heights, n.j. denville, n.j. greenwood lake, n.j. clinton, n.j. oakridge, n.j., green village, n.j. dover, n.j. piscataway, n.j. basking ridge, n.j. netcong, n.j. rockaway, n.j. mount arlington, n.j. oakland, n.j. hewitt, n.j. highland lakes, n.j. wharton, n.j. andover, n.j. totowa, n.j. east totowa, n.j. cedar grove, n.j. wayne, n.j. little falls, n.j. east hanover, n.j. towaco, n.j. florham park, n.j. short hills, n.j. morristown, n.j. chatham, n.j. whippany, n.j. east hanover, n.j. caldwell, n.j. livingston, n.j. millburn, n.j. summit, n.j. mount tabor, n.j. roselle park, n.j. village madison, n.j. morris plains, n.j. new providence, n.j. brookside, n.j. milton, n.j. lebanon, n.j. readington, n.j. oldwick, n.j. flagtown, n.j randolph, n.j. mine hill, n.j. mcafee, n.j. essex fells, n.j. pompton plains, n.j. lincoln park, n.j. roseland, n.j. haskell, n.j. glen gardner, n.j. ledgewood, n.j. mount freedom, n.j. watchung, n.j. sewaren, n.j. kenvil, n.j. ironia, n.j. millington, n.j. hamburg, n.j. bernardsville, n.j. warren, n.j. mountainville, n.j. lyons, n.j. lafayette, n.j. far hills, n.j. schooleys mountain, n.j. califon, n.j. tranquility, n.j. port jervis, n.y. peapack, n.j. bushkill, p.a. blawenburg, n.j. washington, n.j. buttzville, n.j. new hampton, n.j. budd lake, n.j. greendell, n.j. millrift, p.a. dingmans ferry, p.a. tamiment, p.a. port murray , n.j. matamoras , p.a. layton, n.j. swartswood, n.j. vienna, n.j. montague township, n.j. wallpack center, n.j. johnsonburg, n.j. unionville, n.y. c.t. n.j stillwater, nj carmel, ny, pottersville, n.j. allamuchy, nj westtown, p.a. waldwick, n.j., wykoff, n.j. franklin lakes, n.j. bloomingdale, n.j. lake hiawatha, n.j. wayne, n.j. riverdale, n.j. pequannock, n.j. verona, n.j. parsippany, n.j. pompton lakes, n.j. butler, n.j. montville, n.j. booton, n.j. white plains station, n.j. towaco, n.j. fairfield, n.j. succasunna, n.j. stanhope, n.j.

FROM THE EAST: Take 495 West, to the Cross Island Parkway North to exit 33 onto Rte 295 to eventually cross over the Throgs Neck Bridge. Cross onto 1-95 south to George Washington Bridge and when you enter NJ (still on 1-95 s) look for signs for 80 west/Hackensack. Travel Rte. 80 for seven or so miles and take exit 64A (the signs say Rte. 17 N/Rochelle Park/Paramus). Get on Rte.17 N (you’ll pass the “Garden State Plaza Mall” on your left, pass over Rte.4, etc.) then in another 3 miles or so you will see a sign on your right for “Paramus Park” mall. This is Sears Drive and my building is the only one on the left (#1), if you drive into the mall parking lot you have gone too far.

The towns below are located from the east within 50 miles of the Alternative Integrative Medicine Center:

dumont, n.j. oradell, n.j. river edge, n.j. emerson, n.j. teaneck, nj, saddlebrook, n.j. bogota, n.j. demarest, n.j., n.j. fairview, n.j., nyc-manhatten, brooklyn, queens, ny, hoboken, n.j. forest hills, n.y. key gardens, n.y. rego park, n.y. new milford, nj, richmond hill, n.y. ozone park, n.y. thronwood, n.y. fresh meadows, n.y. bayside, n.y. jamaica, n.y. south richmond hill, n.y. hollis, n.j. howard beach, n.y. south ozone park, n.y. glen oaks, n.y. bellerose, n.y. new hyde park, n.y. rockaway, n.y. saint albans, n.y. glen cove, n.y. haworth, n.j. roslyn, ny. cambria heights, n.y. new hyde park, n.y. greenvale, n.y. roslyn heights, n.y. albertson, n.y. locust valley, n.y. springfield gardens, n.y. glen head, n.y. elmont, n.y. williston park, n.y. cortlandt manor, n.y. mineola, n.j. franklin square, n.y. old westbury, n.y. bayville, n.y. garden city, n.y. mill neck, n.y. valley stream, n.y. carle place, n.y. far rockaway, n.j. malverne, n.y. rockaway, n.y. inwood, n.y. arverne, n.y. hillside, n.y. middle village, n.y. bronx, n.y. yonkers, n.y astoria, n.y. long island city, n.y. east elmhurst, n.y. flushing, n.y. elmhurst, n.y. college point, n.y. mott haven, n.y. sunnyside, n.y. jackson heights, n.y. maspeth, n.y. whitestone, n.y. woodside, n.y. scarsdale, n.y. central islip, n.y. bridgeport, n.y. isl woodmere, n.y. west babylon, n.y. cedarhurst, n.y. east norwich, n.y. lawre atlantic beach n.y. rockville centre, n.y. uniondale, n.y. syosset, n.y. hicksville, n.y. east meadow, n.y. roosevelt, n.y. old bethpage, n.y. wantagh, n.y. merrick, n.y. cold spring harbor, n.y. bethpage, n.y. great neck, n.y. port washington, n.y. picatinny arsenal, n.j. new milford, n.j. valley stream, n.y. far rockaway, n.y. vauxhall, port washington, n.y. new rochelle, n.y. bedford hills, n.y. centerport, n.y.oceanside, n.y. island park, n.y. freeport, n.y. levittown, n.y. plainview, n.y. cross river, n.y. somers, n.y. north salem, n.y. south salem, n.y. west hempstead, n.y. hemstead park, n.y massapequa, n.y. babylon, n.y. huntington, n.y. bridgeport, n.y. amityville, n.y. milton, n.y. stony brook, n.y. nesconset, n.y. easton , n.j. smithtown, n.y. huguenot, n.y. bay shore, n.y. brightwaters, n.y. long island kings park , n.y. southport , n.y. northport, ny wyandanch, ny huntington, ny bergenfield, n.j. hillsdale, n.j. cliffside park, n.j. fort lee, n.j. tenafly, n.j. baldwn, n.,y.

FROM THE NORTH: Take Rte. CT-15 s towards NYC (Hutchinson River Pkwy). You want exit 26 for Westchester to 1-287, eventually crossing over the Tappan Zee Bridge and continuing on 1-287 w to exit 14 A, this is for the NJ Garden State Parkway south (this is a partial toll road). You want exit 165 Ridgewood/Oradell (this is a right hand side exit) and at the fork in the road bear left. Make the 2nd right onto Ring Rd, then the 2nd right again at Sears Dr. My building is on the right, #1.

The towns below are located from the north within 50 miles of the Alternative Integrative Medicine Center:

bellvale, n.y. bear mountain, n.y. peekskill, n.y. harriman, n.y. stockholm, n.y. mount kisco, ny. new vernon, n.y. central valley, n.y. crompond, n.y. fort montgomery, n.y. stamford, n.y. bedford, n.y. n.y. sugar loaf, n.y. yorktown heights , n.y., lake mohegan, n.y. highland mills, n.y. katonah, n.y. shrub oak, n.y. glenwood, n.y. west haverstraw, n.y. haverstraw, n.y. briarcliff manor, thornwood, n.y. pleasantville, n.y. thiells, n.y. west maplewood, n.y. valley cottage, n.y. ringwood, n.j. hartsdale, n.y. congers, n.y. ardsley, n.y. mount vernon, n.y. tuckahoe, n.y. eastchester, n.y. white plains, n.y. elmsford, n.y. white plains, n.y. sloatsburg, n.y. pomona, n.y. valhalla, n.y. larchmont, n.y. hillburn, n.y. bronxville, n.y. monsey, n.y. spring valley, n.y. dobbs ferry, n.y. dobbs ferry, n.y. sparkill, n.y. orangeburg, n.y. leonia, n.j. plattekill, n.y. wallkill, n.y. pinebush, n.y. bloomburg, n.y. deer park, n.y. pound ridge, n.y. crugers, n.y. lynbrook, n.y. lake peekskill, n.y. amawalk, n.y. doodletown, n.y. ogdensburg, n.y. highland falls, n.y. garrison, n.y. granite springs, n.y. lincolndale, n.y. shenorock, n.y. jefferson valley, n.y. darien, n.y. depew, n.y. ho ho kus, n.j. westwood, woodcliff lake, n.j. closter, n.j. park ridge, n.j. montvale, n.j. saddle river, n.j. upper saddle river, n.j. old tappan, nj. ramsey, n.j. allendale, n.j. pearl river, n.y. piermont, n.j. blauvelt, n.y. mahwah, n.j., n.y. alpine, n.j. west nyack, n.y. westwood, n.j. white plains, ny. harrington park, n.y. tarrytown, n.y. mount vernon, n.y. hastings on the hudson, n.y. ardsley on the hudson, n.y. tappan, n.y. west point, n.y. cornwall on hudson, n.y. woodbury, n.y. tuxedo park, n.y. sterling forest, n.y. croton on hudson, n.y. little neck, n.y. woodhaven, n.y. stony point, n.y. rye, n.y. great neck, n.y. manhasset, n.y. monroe, n.y. washington township, n.j. ossing, n.y. pleasantville, n.y. maryknoll, n.y. southfields, n.y. chappaqua, n.y. cedar knolls, n.y. verplanck, n.y. summit, n.y. millwood, n.y. hibernia, n.y. buchanan, n.y. greenwich, n.y. tomkins cove, n.y. pleasantville, n.y. arden, n.y. sea cliff, n.y. queens village, n.y. armonk, n.y. englewood, n.j. englewood cliffs, n.j. palisades park, nj.. glenwood, n.j.putnam valley, n.y. pine island, n.y. blooming grove, n.y. goldens bridge, n.y. salisbury mills, n.y. purdy’s, n.y. washingtonville, n.y. goshen, n.y. cornwall, n.y. mahopac, n.y. middlesex, n.y. waccabuc, n.y. martinsville, n.y. pawling, n.y. poughquag, n.y. hopewell junction, n.y. norwood, n.y. madrid, n.y. bushkill, c.t. walker valley, n.y. washington, n.y. trumbell, c.t. vails gate, n.y. brookspoint, n.y. newtown, n.y. modena, n.y. oxford, n.y. kingston, n.y. st. remy, n.y. pine bush, n.y. ulsterville, n.y. rocky hill, n.y. newburgh, n.y. new fairfield ,c.t. saint james, n.y. burlingham, n.y. islandia, n.y. danbury , c.t. thompson ridge , n.y. bethel , n.y. westbrookville, n.y. cuddebackville, n.y. hopewell junction , n.y. hauppauge, n.y. wappingers falls, n.y. redding ridge, c.t. stormville, n.y. holmes, n.y. norwalk, ct. brentwood, n.y. chelsea, n.y. hughsonville, n.y. bullville, n.y. otisville, n.y. walden , n.y. circleville , n.y. brewster, n.y. glenham , n.y. castle point, n.y. campbell hall ny new windsor, n.y. commack, n.y. montgomery, ny greens farms, c.t. newton, n.j. georgetown, n.y. middletown, n.y.westport, ct copiague, ny branchville, nj beacon, ny middleville, ny maybrook, n.y. wilton, c.t. greenlawn, ny slate hill, n.y. melville, n.y.

FROM THE SOUTH: Take Garden State Parkway North (this is a partial toll road). You want exit 163 (it is a left hand side exit) for Rte. 17 North. Two miles on your right you will see a sign for “Paramus Park” make this right, this is Sears Drive. My building is on the left, #1.

The towns below are located from the south within 50 miles of the Alternative Integrative Medicine Center:

south hackensack, n.j., clifton, n.j. montclair, n.j. west orange, n.j. east orange, n.j. orange, n.j. south orange, n.j. passaic, n.j. glen ridge, n.j.  newark, n.j. asbury park, n.j. englishtown, n.j. long branch, n.j.  coltsneck, n.j. perth amboy, n.j. edison, n.j. south amboy, n.j. union, n.j. elizabeth, n.j. avenel, n.j. elizabethport, n.j. springfield, n.j. montrose,  n.j. cranford, n.j. linden, n.j. mountainside, n.j. garwood, n.j. clark, n.j. rahway, n.j. riverside, n.y. carteret, n.j. scotch plains, n.j. fanwood, n.j. n.j high bridge , n.j. oakhurst, n.j. three bridges, n.j. monmouth junction, n.j marlboro , n.j. belle mead, n.j. dayton, n.j. neshanic station , n.j. great meadows , n.j. matawan, n.j. monmouth, n.j. fort monmouth , n.j. monmouth beach , n.j. oceanport, n.j. whitehouse station, n.j. helmetta , n.j. hillsborough, n.j. fair haven, n.j. wickatunk, n.j. howell, nj lincroft, n.j. keyport, nj gladstone n.j. port monmouth, n.j. bound brook, n.j. highland park, n.j. farmingdale, n.j. little silver, n.j. morganville, nj spotswood, nj weston, n.j. rumson, n.j. south bound brook, n.j. farmingdale, nj bedminster, nj pluckemin, nj cliffwood, nj manville, nj long valley, nj milltown, nj zarephath, nj belford, nj south river, nj bridgewater, nj branchville, nj navesink, nj maywood, n.j. teterboro, n.j. lodi, n.j. garfield, n.j. rochelle park, n.j., hasbrouck heights, n.j., south hackensack, n.j. little ferry, n.j. moonachie, n.j. wood ridge, n.j. wallington, n.j. rutherford, n.j. carlstadt, n.j. kearny, n.j. rutherford, lyndhurst, n.j. elmwood park, n.j. nutley, n.j. harrison, n.j. belleville, n.j. north bergen, n.j. west new york, n.j. jersey city, n.j. union city, n.j. north arlington, n.j. seacaucus, n.j. bayonne, n.j. staten island, n.y. melville, n.y. gillette, n.j. colonia, n.j. port reading, n.j. plainfield, n.j. irvington, n.j. northvale, n.j. old bridge, n.j. north brunswick, n.y. red bank, n.j. fords, n.j. keasbey, n.j. dunellen, n.j. liberty corner, n.j. atlantic highlands, n.j. keansburg, n.j. sayreville, n.j. hazlet, n.j. deal, n.j. freehold, n.j. plainsboro, n.j. eatontown, n.j. skillman, n.j. amwell, n.j. allenhurst, n.j. rocky hill, n.j. changewater, n.j. annandale,

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