Hypnosis to Stop Smoking by New Jersey Quit Smoking Expert

Why Should You Stop Smoking?

Every smoker knows the health reasons he or she should quit smoking. The U.S. Surgeon General, American Medical Association and every other health agency relates the dangers of continuous cigarette smoking to shorter life span, increased rate of diseases including cancers, lung problems, heart disease and nervous system disorders.

So why do smokers cling to the cigarette demon, even though there is more information than ever before about the negative effects? Because smoking is one of the toughest habits to kick, and not just because of the physical addiction to nicotine. In fact, if nicotine addiction was the entire problem, the patch, gum and inhaler would have a 100% success rate, instead of a paltry 4%.

In fact, cigarette smoking is part physical, part habit, and part co-habit. Co-habit is the most difficult aspect.  Smokers light up frequently in conjunction with other activities, such as coffee breaks, after meals, in the car and during stressful events. All of these serve as triggers to smoking, and make it that much more difficult to stop.

The Power of Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Breaking free from a smoking habit is one of the most frequent uses of hypnosis, and scientifically one of the areas of greatest success with hypnosis. Hypnosis is the most effective way to help you in breaking the chains between lighting up and non-smoking activities and habits.

More important is that hypnosis allows a person to change their self-perception and believe in a life without cigarettes. You may have said to yourself saying “Oh, it’s just so hard to quit,” or “I can’t quit, I need a cigarette just to relax.”

As long as you see yourself as a smoker, quitting will be about as hard as you think it will be. Hypnosis is a technique like no other to access the deepest images of yourself, and reshape them into the person you want to become. The person who has stopped smoking!

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