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We all know about how bad tobacco products are for our health. Smoking is a habit that is very hard to quit, but there are proven methods that boost your chances of not only quitting smoking, but never smoking a cigarette again. One of the most effective ways in helping people to finally stop smoking forever is the alternative medicine method of hypnosis.

The American Heart Association (AHA) reports that 47.1 million people smoke in the United States of America. Of American men, 23.5% smoke, and of American women, 18.1% smoke. The statistics are even higher when looking at the worldwide population of people who smoke.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports there are 4000 harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, 50 of which are directly related to causing cancer.

The International Labour Organization estimates that 200,000 people around the world die from second-hand smoke in the workplace. These statistics show that not only is it important for the health of an individual to stop smoking, but it is also important that they quit for the health of those around them.

Smoking is a strong mental and physical addiction. People have become accustomed to the feeling they get from smoking cigarettes. They get used to having cigarettes in their possession, and it takes up time throughout their day. Smokers become used to having an oral attachment with cigarettes. These are all physical components of their habit. The mental habit is the more difficult one to break. The real habit is mental and there is little someone can do physically to help break the mental addiction to cigarettes.

A researcher named Moses (1987) performed many studies on helping people stop smoking with hypnotherapy or hypnosis. The researcher concludes that smoking deals with habit, addiction, and willpower. All of these aspects are hard to treat, but hypnosis has consistently been shown to work in treating the habit, addiction, and one’s willpower to quit. The hypnosis therapies used in the research were to get smokers to change the way they viewed smoking and also to become aware of the harmful damage smoking was doing to their body and health. Hypnosis was used successfully to target the smokers’ habit, addiction, and willpower to effectively help them quit smoking. Results of the study showed that using hypnosis was very beneficial in helping people to stay away from smoking.

Smoking has many harmful effects on one’s physical and mental health and the health of those around smokers. Quitting smoking has so many wonderful benefits on one’s health and a positive financial impact. It is recommended for people to look at alternative methods of quitting smoking. Hypnosis generally requires one or a few sessions to help people quit smoking for the long term.


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