Children Need Good Nutrition by NJ Holistic Naturopathic Doctor

Why Our Kids Diets Are So Important

As we all know, what a pregnant mother does affects her child greatly in utero, so should a parent’s good health concerns continue into their child’s infancy…and beyond? Nutrition, stresses, and exercise all play a determinant role in forming a child’s immune system and overall healthy outlook.  It truly doesn’t take much to keep your child on track, as it takes very little to pop them off on the road to good health.

One of the most important aspects to nourishing a child’s good health is to simply champion good nourishment for their body. Given their immature digestive systems, children are less able to assimilate nutrients than adults, so it is of primary importance for parents to be ever vigilant with their child’s food intake. It’s really not until age 6 or 7 that a child’s dietary system reaches maturity, and even then it is forever affected by what they eat.  And it’s not just the here and now that are affected; introduce a child to poor eating habits and they may very well have them for life.

Naturopathic science and holistic approaches stress the importance of good digestive health for both kids and adults. A properly functioning digestive system fosters the development of a healthy immune system in our kids, in turn giving them the defenses with which to fight disease-producing bacteria, viruses and parasites. In the end this is all really holistic science is about, having the body heal itself by a balanced immune system aided by good exercise, reduced stress and good nutrition.

Our children deserve the best chance we can give them. Dr. Robert provides nutrition and holistic services for children. He is located in Paramus, Bergen County, NJ.

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