Mothers and newborns deficient in Vitamin D

According to recent studies, more then 1/3 of mothers and more than half of their infants had a vitamin D deficiency at the time of birth.

Anne Merewood, Director of the Breastfeeding Center at Boston Medical Center, and her associates measured vitamin D levels in 433 women and 376 newborns just 72 hours after birth, […]

Our Kids Need More Vitamin D…and How to Get It To Them

A recent report in Pediatrics showed that US kids have a raised risk of weak bones and possibly heart disease from deficient vitamin D levels. Far from parental “mega-dosing”, most children could see increased levels from just getting a little more sunshine. Dr. Michal L. Melamed of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the […]

Children’s Vegetable Intake Linked to Popeye Cartoons

Mahidol University researchers in Bangkok found the type and amount of vegetables children consumed improved after they participated in a program using videos and role models to promote healthy food.

Professor Chutima Sirikulchayanonta lead researcher said: “We got the children planting vegetable seeds, taking part in fruit and vegetable tasting parties, cooking vegetable soup, and […]

Anxiety, Children and Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT)

Anxiety, Children and Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) ©

Written by: Elaine M. Corona, MSW, LCSW

If your child experiences and suffers with anxiety, it is not only hard for them, but hard for you too. Seeing pain in our children brings us pain too. Anxiety disorders are fairly common during childhood, affecting approximately […]

New Jersey Naturopath Discusses Holistic/Alternative Medicine for Children

Why Holistic Alternative Medicine or Naturopathy For Children?

There isn’t a parent alive who wouldn’t gladly trade places to ease the suffering, pain or sickness of their child. Childhood scrapes and broken bones, high fevers and viruses, stomach aches and ear infections are just part of growing up, but no parent wants to see their […]