Nutrition Is Essential in Cancer Treatments

Nutrition is very important for all individuals, but especially for those who are fighting cancer. For this reason, proper nutritional support is now being included in comprehensive cancer treatments and is a important component of integrative and holistic oncology. While proper nutrition in most cases will not cure cancer, it can provide strength and health to a patient who will need it as they fight their disease.

Poor nutrition can be extremely detrimental to a cancer patient’s treatment, and must be kept in mind when considering each individual patient’s treatment program. Cachexia and loss of appetite are common causes of malnutrition in people battling cancer. Nearly all cancer patients who develop extensive disease will deal with a loss of appetite, with common symptoms being weight loss. Cachexia is a debilitating wasting syndrome causing weakness and loss of weight and is very common in those dealing with cancer. Cachexia is similar to starvation in healthy people, but cancer patient’s bodies are unable to make the adjustments to slow down the use of nutrients.

Proper eating habits for those fighting cancer and undergoing treatments can help stop the breakdown of muscles, enhance tissue building, and avoid infections in those with compromised immune systems. Those who are able to maintain their health through nutrition and exercise will typically be eligible to receive more aggressive dosages of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

All people suffering from cancer need proper nutrition, it is particularly important given the current lack of cures in those patients battling aggressive later-stage diseases. With that being said, all cancer patients will benefit from the strength and overall health that proper and individualized recommendations from holistic doctors and nutritional specialists can provide them. Cancer patients, their family members and caregivers seeking further information about proper nutrition in cancer care should seek the advice of these individuals and apply them to a patient’s particular circumstances and needs.

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