A Little Soy In Your Diet Can Prevent Breast Cancer..

A recent study published in November, 2010 found that increasing phytoestrogens, from dietary soy food sources found it decreased the risk of some types of breast cancer. These findings are presented at the Ninth Annual Cancer Prevention Research Conference, held in Nov in Philadelphia.

Anne Weaver, a graduate student at the University at Buffalo and research assistant at Roswell Park Cancer Institute stated, “This study was unique in that we investigated specific subtypes of breast cancer.”

The breast cancer study showed that women with the highest isoflavone intake from diet had a 30 percent reduced risk of having an invasive breast cancer tumor.

Conclusions from the study by menopausal status showed that: Among women who are  premenopausal, the highest intake of dietary isoflavones had a 30 percent decreased risk of stage I cancer, a 70 percent decreased risk of a cancer tumor larger than 2 cm, and a 60 percent reduced risk of having stage 2 breast cancer. These conclusions were not observed among women who were post menopausal.

Not all soy foods are created the same. Some are potentially harmful. If you want diet advice and holistic alternative treatments for Cancer  or prevention. Call Dr. Robert at 201.618.3534 or click here to be taken to my contact page.

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