How does Kinesiology aka. Applied Kinesiology work?

How does Kinesiology work?

Our body has the ability to heal itself, and kinesiology aka. Applied Kinesiology — via biofeedback — can unblock areas that are preventing the body from working properly, even to the point of healing.  Using a combination of acupressure points, the body is rebalanced, and the body can enjoy the proper energy flow in vital areas of the body, like cells, hormones, meridians, as well as the muscle fascia.

The key to kinesiology is the understanding how the muscles communicate with the subconscious.  It’s in the subconscious where 90 % of our body’s information is stored, and where the nature and the location of our body’s imbalances can be found. Once that is discovered through Muscle Response Techniues, the kinesiology practitioner can work with specific acupoints to lessen the stress.

The word kinesiology literally means “study of movement,” though it does not use the term literally.  During the 1960’s chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, discovered the relationship between muscle groups and the Chinese meridian energies.

Since then, the development of kinesiology has been growing exponentially into a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the energy-emotion connection. While experience and intuition play their role, the real guide for an Energy Kinesiologist is the study of the muscles and the extraordinary protocols developed by those who came after Dr. Goodheart and who tracked down the source of the problem, and improved the practice.

Energy Kinesiology is good for everyone at any age. The younger you are, the easier to get to the root of the problem and the faster you will see improvement. Most imbalances such as allergies, physical pain, hormonal dysfunction, migraines, lymphatic blockages, anxiety, and depression can be helped with Kinesiology aka. Applied Kinesiology. Energy Kinesiology unstucks the imbalances, brings it back to surface or to consciousness, so it can be diffused not only on the mind level but also on the electrical level(nervous system.  The practice is pain-free, drug-free and long-lasting.

What it is not, however, is a quick fix that gives you the illusion that the symptoms have disappeared all at once. Energy Kinesiology will relentlessly go to every corner in your metabolism/body/mind/brain to bring up any hidden or suppressed physical/emotional/electrical/bio-chemical imbalances. It might take time but it is a very thorough approach to optimize your self-healing.

Applied Kinesiology Healing has been described as like peeling an onion. Every layer reveals another layer and you cry. Sometimes you feel as if you are regressing because you’re going back into the past. But, the choice is yours. However deep you want to go, and however quickly you want to go; kinesiology practitioners will always allow you to set the pace and will never impose their agenda on you.

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