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What they say
about Dr. Robert's
Anxiety Services


I used your service in order to manage anxiety attacks and it did far more than that. Now, seven months later, I am off the drugs I was taking and I experience no panic attacks at all. This makes you invaluable to say the least. I am driving without fear and can leave my house at any time without worry or any symptoms at all. I enjoy life and feel very confident that I would never have to worry about suffering from the limitations imposed by anxiety. The nighttime anxious feelings are also gone, completely. Thank you for all your dedication to help others. Love,

Evelyn Neurold
New Jersey

Hello Dr. Robert,
Thank you so much for helping me. Anxiety has been a big part of my life for many years. Working with you was very informative. You went into great detail of so many options for this illness. I have learned now how to control it much better. Previously when I would feel the anxiety coming on I would run from it which I know now only makes it worse. I have also learned to relax more which I found so hard to do before.

Yours Sincerely,

B. Rothwell
New Jersey

Hi Dr. Robert,
Thanks for your help - it has come in very handy to practice the anxiety reducing techniques. The mind-body techniques you taught me I use everywhere and at anytime. Well done!

Arianna Allegre
Nanuet, NY

Your hypnosis and biofeedback along with the new diet and a few supplements did wonders for my mental health. Thank you.

Lisa Miller
East Brunswick,
New Jersey

Dr. Robert, your program really does stand on its own when it comes to addressing anxiety in general and panic attacks. The information you have provided simply workds. I really appreciate that you treated me for every conceivable aspect that was causing my anxiety, rather than just focusing on panic attacks since most of us suffer from a combination of causes. I seriously think your guide can help even the most severe cases of anxiety and human fears. You have given me my life back and I will be forever thankful.

Raymond Laggins
New Rochelle,
New Jersey

ATTENTION: New York (NYC) and New Jersey (NJ) Residents Looking for anxiety and panic relief…

Now You Can See An Immediate
50 to 80% Improvement And
Freedom From Anxiety, In Just
30 Days Or LESS With This
Unique, Medically-Proven
And 100% Holistic Method!

If you or someone you love is suffering from anxiety … or … the symptoms of anxiety …

  • You wake up each morning filled with DREAD ...
  • You experience TERRIFYING and CRIPPLING panic attacks ...
  • Simple social situations paralyze you with such FEAR, you sometimes think you might die ...

... If any of these symptoms sound like your life ... then … this will be the most important message you ever read.

Because there is now a proven holistic mind/body method to address anxiety that is giving people all over the New York and New Jersey area …

An Astonishing 50-80% Improvement
From Anxiety, In Just 30 Days Or Less!

My name is Dr. Robert, I'm a Naturopathic Doctor and I’ve been helping people in the New Jersey and New New York areas deal with anxiety for
over 10 years.

Here's just a few of the people I've helped and what they have to say about my unique mind/body holistic methods ...


"You Have Saved My Life, Literally"

"I honestly don't know where I'd be right now if it wasn't for your service. I have spent countless nights in the emergency room for fear of death and having a heart attack, when all I was really

suffering from were panic attacks! After the FIRST consult with you, I was able to stop my panic attacks which have plagued me for over 20 years. You have saved my life, literally. "

Cathy Gumber
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (NJ)

Love ya!"


"10 Months And Not A Single Panic Attack”

" I had a very troublesome anxiety disorder along with severe agoraphobia. I was really deep in an horrible, unbearable condition, and you have truly saved my life. I did

not realize what was going on...but your services made me see that I was not the only one! It have now been 10 months since I first implemented your approaches, and I haven't had a SINGLE panic bout since. The constant anxiety I suffered from for more than 8 years had simply disappeared. I go out of the house without fear whenever I please. The feeling is simply remarkable! Thank you so much, Dr. Robert, for everything you have done for me..."

Mike Letterby
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey (NJ)



"Using Half Of The Exercises And Overcame My Anxiety"

" I have suffered from anxiety disorders for 9 years, but by working with you I quickly saw a

difference! As one who has been treated by many therapists for anxiety, I warmly recommend you. I have been following less than half of the protocols and exercises and it has helped me overcome my anxiety attacks. Your service is a real gem. I will recommend anyone with the same problem to call you!"

Mary D.
New York (NY)

Most Anxiety Treatment Options
Don’t Work Well ...
(Or Take Many Years To See Progress!)

I’ve met people who’ve been in traditional counseling and therapy sessions for over 5 years … and … can barely open the doors of their homes to see the sunshine without having a panic attack …

Then there’s the dozens of patients who have come to me after being prescribed medications—they said they felt like "out-of-touch zombes” and were looking for other ways to treat themselves …

And of course, hundreds of clients have come to me hoping I could help them take back control of their lives … control their anxiety … and reclaim a more empowered way of living.

7 Reasons Why My Unique Method
Is Totally Different Than
Traditional Anxiety Treatment Options

Reason #1: Unlike traditional treatment options, you will NOT receive a “cookie cutter” approach to your anxiety problems.

That’s because everything I do starts with YOU as an individual.

The very first thing I do is meet with you and together we determine what you are suffering from … what your challenges are … who you REALLY are … what you’re like … what has worked for you in the past … what does NOT work … and … figure out the best way to proceed.

That in itself is …

Reason #2: You will receive a COMPLETE and thorough holistic assessment!

This is where I examine you for mental/emotional stress levels, vitamin, mineral deficiencies, organ/glandular health, whether you need detoxification, what negative thought patterns you have, any negative mental conditioning, any food allergies, assess your diet, and the stresses and challenges of your lifestyle

After we have assessed your current situation and gathered all the data we need to proceed then I will prescribe you an extensive, personal mind/ body program utilizing the modalities and healing therapies that I know (from over 10 years experience) will be most helpful in your unique situation.

Then you will find that …

Reason #3: You can consider me a “one stop shop”for all your treatment needs!

This is because I implement many healing therapies you would normally have to seek 4 to 6 different practitioners for.

This includes the “best of the best” in therapies taken from

  • Traditional counseling techniques …
  • Problem solving therapy …
  • Neuro-Linguistic-Programming “instant change” techniques …
  • Hypnosis …
  • Exposure Counseling
  • Biofeedback …
  • Thought control and changing …
  • Meditation …
  • Breathing Exercises …
  • Cognitive-Behavorial Methods...
  • And a full nutritional assessment and
    counseling program …

Why such an in-depth list of different areas and healing therapies? That’s …

Reason #4: Because I’m a Doctor of Holistic Medicine.

This means that I won’t treat JUST symptoms.

I don’t address ANYTHING in isolation because you and your entire body is one interconnected being … and … each part of your body affects the other parts.

For example: most doctors will focus on just treating your mind (with medication or therapy) and ignore all the other processes of your body … that … may actually be the root cause of your anxiety problems.

A holistic approach like this allows me to find out what’s REALLY wrong … and … address the root cause of your anxiety … without … prescribing “band-aid” treatments that only fix your symptoms but still leave you suffering.

Reason #5: My holistic approach means I’ll be giving you easy to learn mind/body techniques to help control and improve your anxiety—using the latest in mind/body technology and holistic medicine to help you.

With my method I’ve applied the “best of the best” from all treatment modalities and there are no side effects, everything is 100% natural, the therapy is VERY short in duration, and we’ll focus on solving your problems and leaving you with an action-plan to empower you for the rest of your life.

You will be working with some of the latest mind/body technology that cost me over $15,000 in expenses and training to discover in these sessions.

This technology will allow you to gain better control of your mind … and … gain a deeper, more insightful understanding of your issues.

Here’s a preview of just a few of the dozens of treatment methods we will cover …

  • An EASY 3-step process that almost instantly puts YOU in control of your thoughts and emotions. You will control many of your obsessive thoughts!

  • A secret yet very simple technique to STOP PANIC which deeply helps to rebalance any deficit of carbon dioxide in the blood that is often the result of panicked breathing.

  • The CRUCIAL link between diet and panic attacks … that … almost nobody knows about! Discover how your diet could be increasing your anxiety and the role your diet plays in your panic.

  • Discover exactly why panic attacks and anxiety hold you captive. There are several things that most panic and anxiety sufferers do WRONG when trying to escape these feelings of helplessness. Discover what they are and how to avoid these critical mistakes.

  • The 2 breathing strategies that significantly help your body and mind to start healing itself, calm you thoughts and ward off panic attacks and anxiety thoughts BEFORE they occur …

  • And much, MUCH MORE!
Reason #6: My anxiety treatment services work FAST!

The entire process spans only four sessions!

At the end of this period we will have addressed the root cause of your anxiety and you will have been empowered to take back control and have an action-plan going forward.

(Compared to traditional therapy … which usually takes YEARS of effort before you see any results … and the fact that my clients traditionally see a 50-80% improvement in their anxiety in just 4 sessions and you can see the effectiveness!)

At the end of the initial treatment sessions, we sit down and talk about your progress, how you feel about things and decide if you will be okay on your own or if we should do another package of four sessions at a reduced investment.

My personal goal is to NOT have you sign up for more sessions.

Yes, I may lose clients and income from this … but … I want to see you healed and resume a “normal” life in as short a time as possible.



"Dr. Roberts service is like a gift from the heavens.."

"Finding this website is a blessing to all who suffer from anxiety & panic attacks, NOTHING else worked for me except Dr. Roberts amazing

program on conquering anxiety. This program is like a gift from the heavens.. bless you for your service!"

Kelly Chromley
Park Ridge, NJ


"Psychologists, Herbs, Medication – Nothing Worked!"

"I have had severe panic attacks and general anxiety problem for over 11 years. I've had gone to many psychologists and groups to try to eliminate or at least control or

decrease the frequency of attacks and took different types of medications and herbal remedies but the problem persisted. After adhering to your suggestions, it has been 4 months without even a single attack. I am sure that if anyone who suffers from this disorder really works with you and do his or her homework they can improve this disorder for good. God bless!"

Gary E.
Pearl River, New York

Reason #7: I don’t just prescribe you a treatment and hope it works because I 100% guarantee my healing therapies will work for you.

My Iron-Clad, Doctor’s Honor
100% Satisfaction Guarantee …

Here’s how it works: I guarantee you will see an immediate improvement in the range of 50-80% in your anxiety by the end of our first four sessions together.

… You will FEEL more in control …

… You will FEEL more comfortable outside of your home and personal “safety areas” …

… You will FEEL more confident and able to handle social situations …

… And you will SEE an immediate improvement in your quality of life … OR

… I will give you 100% of your money-back.

That means you either change your life for the better or you pay nothing!

Consider this:

If I wasn’t 100% convinced my therapy would work for you … OR… if I haven’t been able to achieve similar results with other clients … then … I would be out of business in a very short time!

Instead I have files of overflowing testimonials from people just like you … who were once suffering from anxiety … and … are now living life on their terms!

There IS One Small “Catch” Though …

I promise to give you:

1. My absolute, best, undivided and personal attention …

2. My greatest effort using the most effective therapies …

BUT … and this is important … you MUST be 100% committed and determined to see yourself succeed in your therapy as well!

That’s because I won’t just bring you into my office and talk with you and leave you by yourself to deal with your anxiety alone.

Not At All!

After every session you will be prescribed “home work” (don’t worry! It’s NOT as painful as your school days!)

This will include listening to personalized CDs, writing thoughts and changing them, and other powerful methods that you should complete before our next session and throughout the process.

This “homework” reinforces what we accomplished during sessions … makes it a “habit” in your daily life … and … empowers you to deal with your anxiety yourself … without … the need to always rely on someone.

In laden terms it is “teaching you to fish” and deal with your anxiety yourself—freeing you from it completely over time … instead of … “giving you the fish” by having you only rely on me or other professionals and handicapping you for life.

So for that reason …

If You Can’t Commit To This Program 100%
I Ask That You Please Don’t Apply!

Listen: what I offer can truly change your life … just like … it has for 100’s of other anxiety sufferers before you …

… But it is NOT a “magic pill”.

You and I both know there is no
such thing.

Your anxiety may or may not have
happen overnight. There may have been small, imperceptible changes that happened throughout your life that led you to where you are now … or one event took place creating the mess you are in.


… However the good news is … you can use a proven process to stop what is robbing you of the life you want to lead now—you will make changes that produce big results—to free you from the horrible experiences of anxiety forever

But you must be willing to commit to the process and give it your best effort. As long as you do that, I guarantee my healing therapies 100%!

It’s Easy To Get Started …

Here’s how it works:

We start with a 4-session minimum … and … an initial consultation.

The initial consultation usually lasts two hours. This can seem like a long time, but it is CRUCIAL that I completely understand everything about your issues … and … that cannot be done with a 15-to 30-minute “fast food drive-thru consultation”.

Your health is important to both of us so we need to take the time to correct it!

Follow up consultations are 60 to 75 minutes in length (Most therapists that work with anxiety only give 45 minutes.)

Also, within these first 4-sessions you will receive:

  • All the hidden factors that can cause your Anxiety are EXPOSED, ADDRESSED, and CORRECTED through the latest and most effective in mind/body treatment technologies!
  • A urine and saliva test in my office to check for imbalances that can lead to anxiety.
  • A micro analysis of laboratory blood work from a nutritional, lifestyle, and environment perspective. (Most doctors view blood work from an illness and disease viewpoint. I analyze the same blood work, but from a holistic position.)
  • A lifestyle and environment assessment to see the impact it may be having on your health. Find out the hidden panic TRIGGERS that may be effecting you that are right under your nose!
  • A fully detailed, customized supplement protocol that has been proven through science to resolve Anxiety and Panic Attacks. You may be Surprised what works BEST!
  • If needed a special customized anxiety-free diet designed to reduce your symptoms while improving your energy and digestion … with … 2 to 4 week menu plans with recipes and snacks that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle!
  • PERSONAL Email support from me at any time. Usually getting back to you in 24 hours.
  • 4 foods you should NEVER eat when you have Anxiety (If you eat these foods, you'll feel down-right rotten!)
  • An in depth analysis of all your nutrients to determine what deficiencies you may have and how to correct them!
  • The vitamin and minerals most Anxiety sufferers usually need and how to get exactly what your body needs (Without these proper vitamins and minerals, it's like driving your car without ever getting a tune-up – sure it will work, but not properly.)
  • Over 50 pages of reference materials and handouts for home use, compiled from over 100’s of research materials!

How Much Is Your Investment
In My Services?

Please notice that I said “Your investment” … and … I did not say, “Your cost?”

That’s because my most quickly helped patients—the ones that make amazing turnarounds, seemingly overnight—understand that there are costs in life and there are smart investments.

• A “cost” is how much you pay to fill up your gas tank.

• An “investment” is getting the help you need, from me, to free yourself from anxiety forever.

Here's the simple facts: you would normally have to seek 4 to 6 different practitioners for the services I provide:

  • A counselor would charge you $150 or more per session …
  • A holistic nutritionist would charge you at least $140 per session …
  • A hypnosis expert would charge you up to $180 per session…
  • A biofeedback practitioner would charge you $175-300 per session...
  • And urine tests, saliva tests, iridology, kineseology —along with analysis of the laboratory data—could easily set you back $400-600!

Which means ...

If you tried to get the same level of comprehensive treatments that I offer from 3-5 different practitioners elsewhere—you’d be paying an easy $975that’s just for the first few sessions!

However, if you’re finally ready to take back control of your life and end your anxiety …

… and … you want to do it in a “holistic” manner, with me as your guide, addressing ALL the different treatment options available and custom-tailoring them to your unique needs and lifestyle …

Then you won’t have to pay $975 for your first session with me.

You won’t even invest HALF that at $487.

Your entire investment in my services—and NOT just for one session, but for your four (4) initial sessions—is only $427!

That’s less than $107 per session … and … far, FAR less than the cost of going to many different practitioners of many different treatmentss who don’t know how to combine the “Best of the best” in healing therapies PERSONALLY for your unique situation.

What’s more: with my 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee—if you don’t get the results you want—you don’t pay!

Said another way: you could come to my office, go through 4 sessions with me, and if you don’t see any improvement, I’ll give you all your money back. Which means you will have essentially been treated for your anxiety for FREE.

With this offer ...

I’m truly taking ALL the pressureinstead of … you having to risk anything.

I’m URGING You—Let Me Help You
Take Back Control Of Your Life NOW!

This is a crossroads moment in your life. Three paths lie before you:

  1. You can bury your head in the sand… ignore my offer of help and still be stuck in the same horrible prison of crippling anxiety—FOREVER…

  2. You can try to figure all this out your own, and grumble about how nothing is working for you … how hard it is to determine which therapy might work for your unique situation … and … live with knowing you once had the chance to never say, “I wish I had gotten the help I need…” but never took advantage of it ...

  3. OR you can TAKE CONTROL of your life and get the guidance and advice I’m offering from decade plus years of experience… proven to allow you to finally rid yourself of your anxiety problems!

Frankly, only one of these choices makes any sense at all.

Please – for your own sake – join me in taking advantage of my risk-free offer today!

I want to help you set the empowered agenda for the rest of your life… a life filled with control over your emotions, your environment, FREE from anxiety forever … and … with a bright outlook for the future.

It’s time to ACCEPT this risk-free investment in your (and your family’s) future and contact me right now.

Use One Of These
EASY and FAST Methods
To Get Started Now:

  1. Simply enter your name, phone number and email address in the box below and hit the submit button.
    OR …
  2. For fastest service you may call my office at (201) 618-3534. Even if it’s 3:00 AM … you can leave a message and I will call you back usually within 24 hours.

callme_anxietyOnce you’ve done that, you will have taken the MOST IMPORTANT first step to treating your anxiety and freeing yourself from this horrible prison FOREVER!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Robert.

P.S. Please remember: I’m putting all the pressure here squarely on MY shoulders … and … I’m standing behind my healing therapy with my Doctor’s honor.

If you don’t see an immediate 50-80% improvement in your anxiety symptoms in just our first few sessions together … then … I insist you don’t pay for my services. You either get the results you want or you don’t pay!

That means you have absolutely nothing to lose (except your anxiety) and EVERYTHING to gain! So call me now at (201) 618-3534,
or CLICK HERE to contact me right away!



"You Offer An
Indispensable Service"

"I was suffering badly from all the classic anxiety and panic attack symptoms but was misdiagnosed by doctors who insisted I had heart and

blood pressure disorders. I was experiencing my worse panic attacks when I went to bed and in the car while driving to work. I was almost paralyzed by these horrible experiences that I began taking all sorts of medications just to calm my fears that haunted me all day and night. It came to a point where I wanted to do something about it or just die and end it. My father and I had decided it was time to do something and a close neighbor had recommended you. I still thank her every day... I am now a completely new person. I smile a lot and drive with confidence. I feel so empowered by your methods and in depth information about the cause of this vicious cycle of panic that I feel I can handle almost anything. Your definitely an excellent resource for anyone who is dealing with general anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Thank you!"

Laurie Mewsoon
New Jersey


"I've wasted thousands of dollars on pills and other self-help programs, but none of them worked as fast as
Dr. Robert’s..."


"After seeing numerous psychiatrists and psychologists, nothing seemed to be working for my panic attacks and social anxiety, it wasn't until I stumbled across this website that I was able to find a solution. I wasted thousands of $$ on pills and other self-help programs, but none of them worked as fast and as effectively as Dr. Robert."

Bethany Villanova
Rockland County, NJ

Use One Of These
EASY and FAST Methods
To Get Started Now:

  1. Simply enter your name, phone number and email address in the box below and hit the submit button.
    OR …
  2. For fastest service you may call my office at (201) 618-3534. Even if it’s 3:00 AM … you can leave a message and I will call you back within 24 hours to schedule your No-Obligation Introductory Call.

callme_anxietyOnce you’ve done that, you will have taken the MOST IMPORTANT first step to treating your anxiety and freeing yourself from this horrible prison FOREVER!

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