“Are You Ready to Put an End To Your
Depression and Start Living the Happy Life
You Deserve?”

Finally…A program that addresses the root
causes of your depression, so you can
experience a permanent, feel-good
mood…with fast results!

Success Story

"I was depressed for many years; my nerves were a wreck. I had to do something. A friend recommended the Vitalift program. I was skeptical at first, but was willing to try anything. In one week I started to feel so much better, and in six weeks, I am depression free. "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

 -Samantha Teilers, Hillsdale, NJ-

Dear Friend,

No matter how long you have been dealing with depression, there is one fact…Its Horrible!

You go to sleep at night, hoping that in the morning you will “snap out of it”, but you wake up right back where you started!

You’re barely making it through each day. Your body is drained, and your mind can hardly keep up. Things are taking longer to do…you have trouble focusing…you’re slowed down…you don’t have fun anymore…and maybe you’re feeling worthless.

You spend all day huddled up in bed, and you’re still exhausted, or you toss and turn, hoping to get a few hours of sleep. You may be losing weight…wondering where your appetite went, or you may be gaining weight…you simply can’t stop eating.

The negative thoughts just won’t let up…sadness, hopelessness, and despair keep hanging over your head. You start wondering if you’ll ever get out of the hole you are in (I used to think this all the time), and you’re willing to do anything to escape the misery!

So, what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you picked up the phone and called your local doctor. They run a bunch of tests, and you’re awaiting the results…nervously…afraid they might find something, or afraid they might not.

Your mind is at ease as they tell you everything is fine, which is typical in most cases…85% to 90% of the time they never find anything.

Now what?

You still feel the same and nothing has changed. In the ten minutes the doctor spends with you, they hand you a prescription, “the solution”…an antidepressant…a mood stabilizer…something to sleep…or maybe he gives you all three, plus a few others.

Now you got your one pill (if you’re lucky) or a pharmaceutical cocktail full of all the colors of the rainbow. You’re thinking, “In no time I will feel like myself again”.

Time has passed, and one of three things usually happens: You feel so much better and like your old self (unlikely, but does happen)…you feel nothing at all and wondering why you’re still taking the meds…but, if you’re like most people, you do get a degree of relief (10 to 40%)…hey, it’s better than nothing.

And let’s not even begin to talk about the mile-long list of side-effects.

Now, you go back to your doctor and usually start the cycle of the merry-go-round: Raise your dose…lower your dose…add another med… take a med away…and on, and on, and on!

Hopefully, you can get the right combo and feel like your normal self. Most likely, you get small degrees of relief…and go right back into the merry-go-round. 

How long can your sanity afford to keep drudging through each day…Miserable! You may even start to think “this is normal for me”… “I will just have to live my life this way.”

Wrong, Wrong, and Dead Wrong!!!

You know, they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.   

Isn’t it about time you started
looking at a different approach?

How long are you going to keep going in circles? Your life isn’t a NASCAR race where going around and around will get you somewhere? If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

Ask yourself this VERY important question?

“Would I choose to suffer from Depression - if I knew Natural therapies
existed that provide long-term relief ?”

The simple answer is… Of Course NOT!!! 

Yet people go on with their lives suffering from Depression, thinking their only option
is prescription medication and talk therapy!

If YOU suffer from Sadness and Depression, believe it or not, THERE IS HOPE!

I have created a program…that will allow you to break free from the chains of Depression
that will last you for…LIFE!


Ask yourself the following 9 Questions:

  1. Do YOU! Get feelings of Sadness, Hopelessness, and Despair without a known cause?
  2. Do YOU! Want to know Why You Can’t Stop feeling the way you do??
  3. Do YOU! Ever use prescription drugs to improve your Mood?  
  4. Do YOU! Lack Energy and Can’t Understand Why?
  5. Do YOU! Want to Lose Weight, but find it Impossible?
  6. Do YOU! Constantly Feel Mentally Drained and Rundown and not know why?
  7. Do YOU! Feel like your Quality of Life has been compromised?
  8. Do YOU! Want to find out the Real Cause behind all your symptoms? 
  9. Do YOU! Want to learn how to treat the Root Cause and become Symptom Free For Life?

If you answered YES!!! to ANY of the above questions, then you NEED to read on, because I have something VERY important for you that you won’t find ANYWHERE else.

First Some FACTS regarding the TRUTH ABOUT DEPRESSION…

FACT #1 Drugs and talk therapy can help improve depression, but in many cases they only provide minimal, short-term relief.

FACT #2 Did you also know that lifestyle, nutrition, and environment can play a crucial role in your depression!

FACT #3 The ACTUAL ROOT CAUSES of Depression are NOT obvious, and MOST Modern and Natural Practitioners have been unsuccessful in providing long-term relief!

FACT #4  There are Natural solutions that work and are FAST to give relief!


Success Story

“Over the past ten years, I have been under psychiatric care for depression and anxiety. I have tried many different medications, as well as combinations of medications. Most of the precriptions did not work or provided only short term relief. In a short time with the Vitalift program I experienced quite an improvement and now look forward to the coming months. I would highly recommend the Vitalift program, especially for those with long-term depression."

-Stephanie Torrito, Princeton, NJ-

My name is Robert Galarowicz ND, founder of the Vitalift program. I am New Jersey (NJ) and New York's (NY) premier Naturopathic Doctor and Clinical Nutritionist who is an expert in holistic/natural health. For the last decade I have been studying the inner workings of the mind and body to overcome depression with credentials too lengthy to list. But, more importantly, I've been where are you are now. What's that saying - "Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes"?  Well, believe me, I've walked in your shoes - at least on the days when I managed to get out of bed! 

I've suffered from recurring depression for most of my adult life and, sad to say, most of my childhood, each episode increasing in length and severity.

I've had periods where I thought I was 'cured', only to be disappointed and frustrated when the depression returned.

But, now my struggle with depression is FINALLY over. I've broken the cycle, and I am living a wonderful life!

I've studied my tail off and spent a pile of money, making sure I learn from the best. So, when I work for you, it’s a privilege and a responsibility that I take very seriously.

That's why I've made it a point of honor to soak up the wisdom of Depression experts: Abram Hoffer, Michael Murray, Richard Shoemaker, Michael Schachter, Linus Paulding,Carl C. Pfeiffer, Gary Null, Russell L. Blaylock, Johnathan V. Wright, Burton Goldberg, and many others.

I combined my knowledge, research, education, and experience to create the Vitalift program on how to improve your depression permanently, naturally, and most importantly, for LIFE!    

Once you sign up to the Vitalift program, you can rest assured – That majority of you will experience relief, build a positive mood, and feel BETTER!

Success Story

“Robert you are a life-saver. Once I hit my 40’s, things just didn’t seem to be right anymore. My energy was low, my mood was getting worse everyday, and I wasn’t getting much help from prescription drugs.” “I knew I couldn’t keep living like this. I made the appointment, and it was one of the best things I ever did. My mood is great, I have energy to enjoy the day, and I even lost ten pounds.”  

-Maria Nardone, Blauvelt, NY-

I know it sounds absurd. How many times have people claimed to have long-lasting success with depression, and every other guy out there is saying the same thing.

Here’s the difference with my program.

Unlike other systems that address only one area, while ignoring the rest, I provide you with a complete approach that takes into account your emotional, physical, environmental, nutritional, and lifestyle factors… all of which can cause or contribute to your ill mood…

I address these problems so that the root of your Depression can finally be healed, and you can GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!


Here are 5 little known secrets that can ruin your mood day-in and day-out.

  1. Skipping breakfast can interfere with how your body produces “feel good” chemicals.
  2. Having excessive sugar in your diet can lead to poor mood.
  3. Exposure to toxic metals, mold, and chemicals can throw your brain chemistry out of wack.
  1. Improper digestion can affect the way you think and feel.
  2. Minimal exposure to sunlight over months can “short circuit” your biochemical processes, and you don’t have to sunbath to fix this.

You may be asking, “why doesn’t my doctor tell me this.” Simple, your doctor went to school to learn diagnosing, surgery, and to write prescriptions. They are not trained to address other areas of your life that can impact your mood.   


Drugs are usually designed to only treat symptoms and DO NOT address the deeper underlying problems. Drugs usually don’t fix the problem at the source and come with a long list of side-effects that can actually make you worse!

Many natural and medical solutions only skim the surface of the problem.  The VITALIFT PROGRAM GOES DEEPER TO ATTACK THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM BEYOND THE OBVIOUS.  

Success Story

"Finally someone put it all together! The Vitalift program offers real-life-changing solutions that can turn the tide for millions. It is a 'must' for anyone who struggles with depression or loves someone who struggles with depression."

-Jack Horns, Boonton, NJ-

Success Story

“My boyfriend went out and signed me up to see Robert, knowing how debilitating my depression had become. I was skeptical, because anything I’d ever tried in the past that promised relief never worked.

I was really surprised at what Robert told me. I had no idea the negative effects my habits were having. I couldn’t believe that in just one week I was feeling so much better!

-Kathy Nates, City Gardens, Long Island-

3 Things You Must Understand If You Ever
Intend On Eliminating Your Depression.

1. Not All Natural Cures and Supplements are Created Equal

There are tons of natural cures for Depression; the difference is some of them work and some of them don’t, some need to be dosed and used properly and some are even potentially toxic!

For example, the popular St. John’s Wart actually will not work if you are missing key nutrients, or if you are not using a proper dose.

2. Your Body is a Complex Organism where Every Cell and Organ Affects Every Part of You

The bulk of solutions for Depression mainly target the brain. When was it that we forgot that every part of your body functions as a whole?

Some researchers estimate that 70% of serotonin (a feel-good brain chemical) is produced in the digestive tract. If you are suffering from digestive trouble, this can interfere with serotonin production which can lead to your Depression. Does it make sense to focus on the brain, or correct your digestion?

The fact is, your body is an interrelated organism, where if one part is out of balance it can lead to other parts being out of balance.  I address your body holistically, understanding the impact each part has to one another. 

3. Most Natural Solutions Only Give Temporary Relief

The majority of natural solutions available, and popularly used as cures, do little more than eliminate symptoms.  There are certain things that you must do to improve your Depression; drugs and talk therapy will only take you so far.  My procedure not only utilizes natural ways to improve depression, it also helps you obtain long-term relief.     

I will help you target the root of the problem and for the first time in your life you will actually feel healthy!  Using my suggested therapies and procedure we GUARANTEE IMPROVEMENT.

“So What’s so SPECIAL about Your Program?”

In the “Vitalift program”, I construct individualized protocols which are guaranteed to improve your depression. I researched, utilized, and experimented with COUNTLESS natural therapies until I was able to create a system that would work for MOST TYPES OF DEPRESSION and, most importantly, IMPROVE IT FOREVER. 

During your first consultation, I grab you by the hand, explaining everything you ever wanted to know about Depression from A-Z. The Vitalift! program... to the best of my knowledge... is  one of the few (if the only) service that exists. And, it's all you need to take back control of your life, eliminate the pain, and start enjoying the life you used to... and deserve to!

I don't know if you've been living with Depression for ten days, ten months, or ten years. No matter what, you're going to benefit from the Vitalift program.

Your individualized protocol is backed by hard-as-nails science. Although it is scientifically correct, I explain it in a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact way, as if I were talking to you while we're both sitting at your kitchen table.

The Vitalift program does not use a one-size fits all approach. We are all made up of our individual genetics and different lifestyles. We consume different types of food. We take different medications, had unique emotional experiences, etc. Regardless of what is influencing or causing your Depression, I construct an individualized protocol which is guaranteed to give you improvement!   

Also, my protocol does more than improve Depression!  My detailed therapies will also help with MANY other health conditions you are dealing with. The beautiful thing about natural/holistic health is that the therapies can do 100 other good things in your body. It will improve your mood while also benefiting other problems with


Success Story

I got rid of depression, but that wasn’t enough I wanted to know how to get rid of it for good. Robert guided me along the path to health step by step. He has been a blessing. I had more Digestive problems and Joint Pain than I could tolerate any longer.

After following his protocol, the bloating is totally gone and my joint pain is 80% improved! Now I rarely catch colds, and my health is the best it’s ever been!

John Broden
New Jersey-

What’s Inside Vitalift Program???

My individualized protocols for alleviating Depression have been designed to be used as either a combination with conventional medicine or as stand-alone program.

The most sought after NATURAL SOLUTIONS for various forms of Depression, bringing fast effective relief from:

Major Depressive Disorder, Manic Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Dysthymic Disorder, Chronic Depression, Anxiety Depression, Post- Partum Depression, Situational Depression or Reactive Depression, Endogenous Depression, and any other newly named depression.


  • An initial consultation that usually lasts from two to three hours. This can seem like a long time, but this is how I understand everything about your issues, not with a 15-to 30-minute fast food drive-thru consultation. Your health is important to me! Let’s take the time to correct it!
  • A fully detailed, customized supplement protocol that has been proven through science to resolve Depression. You may be Surprised what works BEST!
  • Find out if you have toxins that can cause as much as 80% of Depression symptoms and what you can do to eliminate it directly!
  • A special customized Depression-free diet designed to reduce your symptoms while improving your energy and digestion!
  • 4 to 6 week menu plans with recipes and snacks that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle!
  • All the hidden factors that can cause your Depression are EXPOSED, ADDRESSED, AND CORRECTED!
  • 5 foods you should NEVER eat when you have Depression (If you eat these foods, you'll feel down-right rotten).
  • An in depth analysis of all your nutrients to determine what deficiencies you may have and how to correct them!
  • The vitamin and minerals most Depression sufferers usually need and how to get exactly what your body needs (Without these proper vitamins and minerals, it's like driving your car without ever getting a tune-up – sure it will work, but not properly.)
  • Positive easy to incorporate lifestyle modifications and a coaching call between sessions.
  • Vitalift! Mind Management Reprogramming sessions to assist in changing negative thought patterns! Using the latest advancements in brain wave technology to retrain your thinking to build positive thoughts and emotions-quickly. R
  • A customized intramuscular or intravenous neutraceutical and alternative medicine therapies to rebalance your mind and body. After receiving one of these many people report feeling better in hours!
  • A micro analysis of laboratory blood work from a nutritional, lifestyle, and environment perspective. Most doctors view blood work from an illness and disease viewpoint. I analyze the same blood work, but from a holistic position.
  • In-house physicians for many insurance covered services, conventional and unconventional medical testing and treatments, if needed.  
  • Over 50 pages of reference materials and handouts for home use, compiled from over 100’s of research materials.
  • The right way to eat that always works to eliminate digestive trouble (I bet that just these recommendations... if you use the strategy, will make you feel much, much better.)
  • A lifestyle and environment assessment to see the impact it may be having on your health. Find out the hidden mood crushers that may be effecting you that are right under your nose!
  • Discover the hidden side-effects of conventional treatments. (If you're taking medication, you have to know what you're truly getting yourself into – medications can be of great benefit, but come with nutrient depletions and side-effects that can cause your mood to worsen.) I will show you how to off set these nasty side-effects.
  • 5 “must have” insurance covered tests that most medical doctors don’t know about.
  • A tailor-made brain support formula to assist your body in rebalancing those natural feel good chemicals.
  • Confidence you will improve your mood and concentration, build a positive outlook, improve emotional well-being and mental clarity, increase your energy throughout the day, and bust out of the chains of Depression!

In All Seriousness, I can sit here rattling off all the benefits of using the Vitalift program. The truth is, I have helped countless people with all types of Depression experience relief. The simple fact is you will get BETTER!

“So How Much Does it Cost?"

If you're still reading, you are serious about improving your Depression. The only thing left for you to do is take action... I'll take care of the rest.

You may think that the Vitalift program will cost you $1,000’s. But I offer different options where, regardless of your financial status, you will be able to utilize my service to improve your current situation - even the most humble working person or retiree. And, for the folks who are out of the area, I also offer phone consultations.  

I don’t publish my fees online, because I don’t want to deter anyone away from using my service that really needs it. If you are interested, please contact me and we can discuss your situation, my fees and options, your budget and how I can best serve your needs.

The truth is I got into this business with the goal to help other people who are dealing with the life-debilitation effects of Depression. I have been there, dealt with it, and can show you how you can be Depression Free!

Let’s Begin with Your Free Consultation.

I'm looking forward to sharing my expertise with you. You'll quickly find it's much more than you expected. Because, I simply cannot help myself, and I want you to be Depression Free also!

But, my services aren't for everyone. If you're looking for the simple, "take this one pill approach" structure...keep on shopping. There's plenty of self-proclaimed Depression gurus and e-books that promise you simple results with minimal effort.

On the other hand, if you're the type that values enduring quality —  you'll love working with me. Because the smart investment you make now will pay you back many thousands of times over.

“If You Hurry, We Can Get Started Today!”

Just pick up your phone and give me a call at 201-618-3534, send me an email at info@iamdepressionfree.com, or fill out the form at the end of this letter. We'll spend some focused time talking, and I'll freely share my views with you. Many of my clients suddenly realize what's missing from their lives, or why their treatments aren’t doing a thing for them.

Please don't worry that you'll be in the hot seat, sweating bullets when we talk. I am not going to hard nose-sell you on some overpriced outrageous service. I will give you the truth on what I can do for you. And, I won't waste your time, or your money. If all you need is a few changes to get  your life back... I'll tell you.

In fact, my clients quickly discover they truly enjoy the call, as they gain new clarity about their issues and gain hope in knowing they can get better!

After that, I'll make my recommendations and tell you what I propose as your action plan. Then, once we move forward together, you'll see how easy it is to start feeling better... whether through in-person, one-on-one consults, or over the phone.

Let me make your decision easier for you with my
Improve Your Mood – Guarantee!

I am Confident that you WILL HAVE SUCCESS using the Vitalift program that if you aren’t Satisfied after your third session I will redo the entire process free of charge!


If you take your car to the mechanic and he doesn’t fix itdoes he do the work again at no charge? Yes …well I take this same approach! When you use my service and I don’t improve your condition than I will redo the process..no questions asked!

You'll be happy to know that I've only had a few clients who weren't thrilled with their results from the moment the first two weeks passed, even if there were a few minor adjustments. Most of them marvel at how effectively and quickly they begin to experience relief. But, if you are not 100% satisfied, no problem whatsoever! I will redo the process.

But, before you fill out the form or call for your free consultation...

Take a good look at what I can do for you.

You'll soon see why local New Jersey psychiatrist Edward Herman states, “Dr. Robert, you are really good.  An approach that compliments my work with outstanding results.”

I can assure you, you're not “nuts” – there’s a legitimate reason for your feelings…You’ll discover the REAL REASON you’re depressed (and it may surprise you)...Discover the “secrets” for how to put an end to the depression that is controlling your life…Knowledge gives you power! Once you know the true cause of your depression you will have what you need to begin the journey to living a life free of depression.

I'd love to work with you, but only if it's the right fit for both of us. I'm selective about my clients; I only accept people who are sick of feeling the way they do and are willing to do what it takes to feel better. Please, let's not waste each other's time.

Some well-known medical professionals have discovered me, and their referrals make my schedule grow tighter by the day. But, I've got a soft spot in my heart for Depression suffers. Don't delay! Because I don't want you to be disappointed if I can't squeeze you into my schedule.

Your partner in feel-good success,

“I have assisted hundreds of people in
breaking free from depression. I am
confident I can bring you back to the
feel-good mood you deserve”

Robert Galarowicz ND – Founder of the Vitalift Program

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P.S . Remember, the sooner you make the decision to use the Vitalift program, the faster you'll start getting the results you've been waiting for!

P.P.S. The word is out on my ability to improve your mood with innovating, collaborative, cutting edge science. Savvy medical professionals, health food store owners, and word-of-mouth referrals are beginning to monopolize my time.  In fact, my schedule now routinely fills weeks in advance. If you’re looking for the 15- minute drive thru consult and the one-size-fits-all magic pill, I am not the one for you.

P.P.P.S. Just the other day I was reviewing a 6 weeks completed protocol with a client. There was a long silence. Finally they stammered…”Robert, I don’t know how to thank you…I haven’t felt this good in 15 yrs?” I must admit, it’s a common occurrence. So, fair warning, you’d better be ready to take back control of your life and experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction your entitled to.

P.P.P.P.S. Although I’m currently still offering free consultations, I can’t promise I’ll be doing so forever. In fact, it’s likely I’ll be forced to institute a consulting fee in the very near future. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with the demand. If you’re looking for long-lasting relief, I’d suggest you call now.

YES, Robert! I'm interested in talking to you about how I can improve my Depression.

All information included will be considered confidential.

Call me now for fast results: 201-618-3534

Privacy Policy: I respect and honor your privacy. I will never sell, barter, or rent your email address to any unauthorized third party.

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