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What are food allergies, intolerance, sensitivities, symptoms and self test

Probiotics and Probiotic Supplements: What are they, their benefits and
what foods are they in?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): What is it, symptoms, causes and holistic treatments
and remedies?

Colitis: What is it, symptoms, causes and holistic treatments and remedies?

Acid Reflux: What is it, symptoms, causes and holistic treatments and remedies?

Constipation: What is it, symptoms, natural remedies
and a healing diet?

Diarrhea: What is it, symptoms, natural remedies and a
healing diet?

What they say
about Dr. Robert


“Dr. Robert, again thank you for everything. Everyone raved about you. You helped many people that no one else could. Looking forward to having you back!”
—Maryann Dobbin
The Valley Hospital Ridgewood,
Bergen County, NJ

"Good things are happening. I am feeling consistently good since I consulted with you. The days of feeling miserable are over. I handle my stress better, and I am still working towards reaching my ultimate weight loss goal, 5 more pounds to go.  I appreciate everything you did for me."
Karen Samzano,
East Chester, NY

"Thank you so much for your wonderful recommendations. Life has been a pleasure! You help me reduce my joint pain and I look forward to exercising again. Before I didn’t think this would have been possible. You were always available, quick to answer questions and always exceeded my expectations. You truly are gifted."
Michele Griths, Hacketstown, NJ

"Dr. Rob, again thanks for the great assistance. You consistently help my mother during some of her toughest times."
William McTelley,
Ramsey, NJ

"When my sister spoke so highly of you I knew I had to come and make an appointment on my next visit to New Jersey. You have helped me solve health problems that I had for years."
Pauline Connors,
Orlando, Fl

"I really can’t believe how powerful hypnosis is. I accomplished more in 6 months then I have in 3 years of therapy. I have better self esteem, motivation, and I am now a more positive person. I used to be a worry wart and negative about everything in life. Dr. Robert your service is fantastic."
Name withheld for confidentiality

“I am so glad I consulted with you. The chemotherapy I was receiving was causing me to lose weight. Through your diet I was able to put the much needed weight back on and keep my immune system strong. Even when I had trouble getting food down you were able to work out a way for me to get my much needed calories. I still avoid those foods you told me would weaken my immune system and I feel you really helped me during my treatments.
- Mildred Harnack,
Lyndhurst, NJ

“I have nothing but great things to say about The Banish! Program. I am 53 and have smoked since I was a teenager. I have tried to quit countless times. Cold turkey, patches, gum, zyban, you name it I tried it. All except hypnosis. I'm not even sure how I found out about your site, but I decided to sign up. Right after the session I felt different. Very little cravings and no cheating. I have been smoke free now for 5 months. This is a huge accomplishment for me. I have never been able to go more then a week or two without backsliding and returning to smoking. I am so delighted that your program worked. I have told several people about it and will continue to spread the word if anyone is trying to quit.”
–Edward Robinson,
Pequannock, NJ

“You're a hit. We received a lot of positive feedback regarding your programs. Your really provide a great service to the community. Thank you for the all the hard work in making our programs a success. We look forward to working with you again.”
-Michele DiLoreto,
Program Director,
Continuing Education
South Orangetown
Central School District, NY

“Since I started working with Dr. Robert I haven't had a flare up of my ulcerative colitis.”
-Samantha Bakers

“Your were the third nutritionist I saw in 7 years. I never had anyone spend as much time and ask me as many questions as you did. You are very thorough in what you do. My acne cleared up, my energy came back and I feel bad saying this, because everyone wants to lose weight, but I gained the weight I needed.”
-Mary Lou, Maywood, NJ

“The migraines I have had during my PMS week are much improved. Your advice worked.”
-Patricia Glasser,
Blauvelt, NY

“I met Dr. Robert at a health fair a year ago. We spoke for a while and I knew I had to consult with him in regards to my daughters asthma. Since working with him she has needed less of her medication and her asthma is much more manageable.”
-Alexis Varner, NJ

“You really helped me advance my career by helping me overcome my fear of public speaking.”
-Brian B. Lawyer, NJ

“I had out of control blood sugar and couldn't stop my cravings for bad foods. Dr. Robert gave me a realistic diet I could follow along with a few supplements to help my body. Now my blood sugar is perfect and my food cravings are gone. I also lost some weight.”
-Sheila T, Nurse, NJ

“My cholesterol is down below 200. Thanks for your guidance."
-John Mason,
Hackensack, NJ

“My boyfriend went out and signed me up to see Dr. Robert, knowing how debilitating my depression had become. I was skeptical, because anything I’d ever tried in the past that promised relief never worked.

I was really surprised at what Dr. Robert told me. I had no idea the negative effects my habits were having. I couldn’t believe that in just one week I was feeling so much better!"
-Kathy Nates,
CityGardens, Long Island, NY

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

What is it, what are the symptoms,
causes, treatments and remedies?


IBS does not discriminate

15% of the population suffers from some form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is considered a modern day American malady, completely unheard of in some cultures, affecting more women than men. The most common of all gastrointestinal disorders, affecting people from all walks of life, IBS is truly an equal opportunity disorder. It is estimated that 40 to 50% of referrals to gastroenterologist (digestive disorder medical doctors) are related to IBS symptoms.  

IBS is a ‘syndrome’, not a disease and as such has a group of symptoms, not always easy to discern since they mimic the symptoms of other possible health problems. As there is no one true cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome there is no one IBS treatment, but an IBS sufferer can greatly improve and manage their condition when working with naturopathic doctors and highly skilled nutritionists who devote a good percentage of their practice to IBS treatments.

What are some of the holistic views as to causes of
Irritable bowel syndrome?

When speaking of holistic causes of IBS it is important to note that I am providing you the alternative naturopathic reasons for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I look to find the root cause of your problems and address them properly so you can live a life free from digestive distress.

The following are alternative naturopathic causes of IBS which, in some cases, might overlap conventional medicine:

  • Not digesting your food properly. Poor digestion can lead to improper bowel function.
  • Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. This must be addressed in order for you to receive relief. Modern conventional medicine is effective at finding food allergies but ineffective at discovering food intolerances and sensitivities.
  • Pathogenic overgrowth such as bacteria and funguses that can lead to an unhealthy environment (dysbiosis) in the digestive system.  
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can lead to improper function of the bowel.
  • Intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) that can lead to undigested food passing into your body.

Listed above are just some of causes or contributing factors to your IBS. There are many more causes which need to be discovered and individually addressed by a properly trained holistic professional.  

Are you dealing with IBS symptoms?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder of the large intestine. Put simply, if you are suffering from IBS you will experience pain, bloating and a whole host of abdominal symptoms which can be caused by a dysfunctional bowel. The nerves and muscles of IBS suffers are extra sensitive; their muscles contract too much when they eat, or their nerves cause their bowel to stretch, which causes cramping.

Whatever the particular IBS symptom, there is always stomach and abdominal discomfort and pain. If you are living with IBS symptoms you know how miserable it can be and you may be suffering from some of the issues below.   
 The following are some IBS symptoms you may experience:

  • Gut wrenching abdominal pain that is usually relieved by a
    bowel movement.
  • Your bowel movement may be connected to how often you
    have pain.
  • You can have altered bowel function; some days you have constipation or some days you may have diarrhea. For
    example one week you may have 3 bowel movements in a
    day and the following week 3 bowel movements for those 7 days.
  • Embarrassing gas and uncomfortable bloating.
  • Passage of mucus in your stools.

One thing for sure: If you are suffering from IBS your bowel habits are inconsistent and this can make life very difficult. Aside from stomach and abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal problems, IBS can also affect many other parts of your body.

Listed below are non stomach and abdominal problems that are related to IBS symptoms:

  • Mind splitting headaches and achy joint pain.
  • Mood changes; depression and anxiety.
  • Bad breath that makes you self conscious.
  • Backache that makes sitting or standing for too long uncomfortable.
  • Low energy that makes your life unlivable.
  • Irregular heart beats that may give you anxiety and heart palpitations.
  • Insomnia, sexual problems and urinary issues.
  • Acne that makes you not want to face the world.

There are many other symptoms of IBS. The above list only provides a general overview to the many issues that can be related to your Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Often times other conditions mimic IBS, so it’s important to see a practitioner who can discern IBS symptoms from other gastrointestinal problems.

I, Doctor Robert am a holistic natural health expert. My assessment can determine when a person may benefit from a holistic approach to IBS as well as establishing what treatments and remedies will work to each individual’s needs to alleviate that problem.
What are holistic/alternative medicine Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) treatments and remedies?

IBS treatment is not a cure all. There is no magic pill you can swallow to make your IBS pain magically disappear. The IBS remedies I work with are specific to your needs and your individual physiologies. There are though some overall approaches to alleviating IBS pain which I will work with you on.

  • The core of IBS remedies and treatment is diet. Avoiding ‘trigger foods’ that cause inflammation and irritation in your digestive system is key. This varies from sufferer to sufferer though, as what aggravates one person may be perfectly acceptable to another. This is why working with an expert is imperative to determine what foods you can eat, avoid and how to properly combine them to relieve your IBS symptoms.  
  • Proper supplementation. You may need certain digestive support; maybe you need to recolonize the digestive tract with certain probiotics, maybe you need to repair your digestive tissues; maybe you’re lacking vitamins and minerals that alter your bowel function. This can be an extensive area where a few properly selected supplements in a therapeutic dose can make you feel “normal” again.
  • Managing your stress levels. It is well known that the more stressed you are the worse your IBS symptoms and pain can be. Stress affects us in different places in the body and if you are dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome you my notice in times of higher stress your symptoms are worse.  

Our diets and the food we consume, the stress of our jobs, attempting to maintain personal relationships in the fast-paced society we live in can all cause much of our chronic health concerns. Irritable bowel syndrome is just one such syndrome of our modern world, and while there is no cure, IBS symptoms can be greatly improved. As a Naturopathic Doctor and Clinical Nutritionist I, Dr. Robert offer highly effective alternative treatments in diet and lifestyle choices that will greatly decrease the frequency and severity of IBS symptoms, making Irritable Bowel Syndrome manageable and no longer the debilitating life-altering condition it need be.

If you would like to read more about the effectiveness of my approaches to digestive problems you can click here.

Feel free to contact me by clicking here or call 201.618.3534 to discuss your options when it comes to relieving your IBS symptoms with scientific concrete natural treatments.

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