New Jersey Trader Joe’s Locations – A Nutritionist Good Friend

Spacious, brightly lit and filled with more organic and health food choices then you will ever need, Trader Joe’s is fast competing with high-priced fresh food markets and other health food mega-stores in the northern NJ area. Boasting a cornucopia of nutrient packed fruits and anti-aging veggies, a wider variety of organic yogurt then the normal supermarket, a frozen food section not to be beat, and for gluten lovers, more choices than you could imagine. Every Trader Joe’s store offers customers good buys and plenty of variety.

There’s dried fruits and nuts, plenty of juices, cheeses, soups and even heart healthy chocolate stocking those eco-friendly shelves at Trader Joe’s stores. The store also carries its own delicious food line, usually at a much reduced price then their competitor’s products.

Even though I am a big fan of Trader Joe’s, especially the one next to my office in Paramus, NJ, you should be aware that not everything in the store is healthy. They have excellent healthy products that are hard to find with prices you can’t beat, but watch out because they also have food not to different than your regular supermarket that is sometimes overpriced.

The main point is to learn to read labels so you can take better control of your own health and your wallet.

Trader Joe’s has made a slow creep into the New Jersey area with not only stores in Paramus, but also with stores in Wayne, Westwood, Edgewater and Florham Park.

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