Meyer Cocktail for Optimizing and Improving Health

You must have heard about cocktail mixes and their various techniques which come up with a perfect blend of taste and flavor for alcohols.

However, in medical terms, there are similar concoctions available solely for the optimum health of the patient who receives such a cocktail. In the field of intravenous vitamin infusions, the Meyer’s cocktail is quit famous and has created a landmark for itself. It is a combination of Vitamin C, B complex vitamins, Magnesium, zinc, DMSO and other minerals and nutrients that are usually helpful for people who are suffering from weakness, fatigue, low immunity, fibromyalgia, stress, depression and other anxiety disorders along with other medical conditions.

Meyer’s cocktail has been proving to be a preferred treatment for many people residing in New Jersey. The formula concentrate will be blended with sterilized water in order to make a soluble liquid that can be infused in your blood with the help of a drip. Most of the people find immediate results after taking this intravenous treatment for just 20 minutes. However, you will not simply get up and feel instant energy. The absorption is faster but the body will take time to adjust according to the newfound vitamin and mineral content of your system. Most of the people find themselves in robust health after a few hours and especially after they get up in the morning. This is because the Meyer’s Cocktail gets enough time to blend in the system while you rest.

Apart from treating the conditions mentioned above, the Meyer’s cocktail has been used at the AIM Center in New Jersey for various other purposes like detoxification of the body, reduction of chronic pains, boosting general energy levels and also reducing fatigue and creating a very soothing and calming effect on the body and mind. As such, this treatment can also be received by people who are severely deficient in Vitamin C or who do not feel energetic enough through the day.

This intravenous treatment is administered as per your needs. There are no side effects for getting this treatment as well. However, you are advised to keep yourself properly hydrated before getting intravenous Meyer’s cocktail. This helps in better absorption. Light headedness can be felt for a small duration of time due to the surge in vitamin levels, but it goes away soon. You will find yourself more energetic, more robust and healthier after this treatment.

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