Where to get intravenous or iv vitamin c is not very definite, as it requires expert administration only. .

Intravenous vitamin c is an alternative method of the oral vitamin c especially for those who have a problem with swallowing or those that have a condition with their digestive tracts.

Oral or IV Vitamin c are usually used as a treatment for the common cold, vitamin c deficiencies and other illnesses.

The intravenous form of it is used by passing the digestion and food absorption processes straight into the veins. It is popularly known for its function to boost immunity especially for people that are suffering from one illness or the other.

Intravenous vitamin c is also used so that the required amount of vitamin c in therapeutic doses by the body could be monitored and passed straight into the body system with the assurance that the amount given will be delivered to the system without the rigours of being broken down within the digestive tracts.

How To Get IV Vitamin C

The intravenous vitamin c  is available at medical doctor offices such as the AIM Center in Paramus, Bergen County, NJ.

Even the military has adopted the use of intravenous vitamin c because of its healing properties and the quick fix method of regaining lost strength and immunity boost.

Intravenous vitamin c may not be easily gotten in any pharmaceutical company online or offline but can be formulated or gotten by your doctor according to the deficiency in the body or whatever it was prescribed to treat.

You can have intravenous vitamin c at the AIM Center in New Jersey. Just contact Robert at 201.618.3534 to discuss what you are looking for, and to learn more about out intravenous vitamin C treatments. Insurance does not cover this treatment and generally the fee per session is $125 to $200, depending on how much vitamin c and other nutrients are added. The standard cost is about $150.

Call 201.618.3534 and leave a message if no one answers.

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