Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

Recent studies have demonstrated that intravenous Vitamin C therapy kills cancer cells, while it is completely harmless to human cells. Thus, it helps eliminate cancer cells by retarding the tumor growth and metastasis to other tissues. Another benefit of that therapy refers to the strong side effects of chemotherapy. Such effects are:

  • Improving the quality of life among individuals.
  • Activates detoxification centers.
  • Accelerate the removal of heavy metals.
  • Improving the quality of patient oxygenation.

As a result of this, the patient suffers less pain. What is intravenous Vitamin C therapy? We speak of administrations between 20 to 45 grams of ascorbic acid, which is equivalent to between 240 and 500 orange consumptions. Regarding possible side effects, kidney stones and hypervitaminosis are absolutely discarded.



Intravenous Vitamin C therapy destroys cancer cells anywhere in the body without negative side effects. The recommended starting dose is 15 grams per day. Apparently Vitamin C acts against cancer cells by inducing the production of hydrogen peroxide being the element which destroys them. This finding gives a plausibility for intravenous application of ascorbic acid in the treatment of cancer and also has unexpected implications for the treatment of infections where hydrogen peroxide may be beneficial. When doses of vitamin C are administered intravenously and exceeds the limit in the bloodstream, it goes out through urination. According to their investigations, a dose of 10 grams of vitamin C administered intravenously produces a concentration 25 times higher in the bloodstream than is achieved at the same dose  when consumed orally. It should be added that according to their investigations of vitamin C in the formation of hydrogen peroxide which is a chemical used naturally by our immune system, this is apparently the one that really kills cancer cells.

They had proven “in vitro” but what would there be any negative side effects in the body when high doses of vitamin C is infused blood? And would it be as effective as its action on cancer cells and tumors in the body as had been observed “in vitro”?  We do not want to provide false hope to patients. Health professionals and practitioners of so-called complementary or alternative medicine are already using Intravenous Vitamin C therapy to treat cancer and know about their lack of toxicity. They concluded that oral vitamin C when ingested produces plasma concentrations that are tightly controlled while intravenous administration of vitamin C also produces high concentrations in plasma which might be the reason for its antitumor activity. Since the efficacy of vitamin C cannot result from treatments using only the oral route in cancer treatment, the whole process should be reassessed. The researchers therefore may appear cautious to consider all necessary steps to move up in the study but know the reality of the good effects of intravenous vitamin C perfectly.

Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy is available at the AIM Center. If you are interested you can contact Robert Galarowicz Naturopath at 201.618.3534 to discuss how to proceed and if you are a good candidate. Intravenous vitamin c therapy is in the area of $150 for each treatment and insurance will not cover this fee, therefore you are responsible for payment at time of services.

Again, contact Robert at 201-618-3534 to move forward with intravenous vitamin c therapy. The AIM Center is located in Bergen County New Jersey and services people from all over NJ, new york, nyc, manhattan, queens, manhattan, bronx, brooklyn, rockland, orange, passaic, county and essex, morris, hudson, warren counties of new jersey and all over.

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