What is Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide? Available at NJ Clinic

One of the most debated intravenous therapies in the medical field today is intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatment. There are many people who support the claim that hydrogen peroxide is actually dangerous for the system. However, it only happens when an inadequate dose of the compound is taken orally without medical supervision. As such, the solution when given intravenously under medical supervision provides excellent results to patients.

Intravenous hydrogen peroxide is a very potent remedy against anaerobic foreign bodies like various bacteria that cause influenza, Candida, sinus, common cold, fungal infections and even HIV. It is often used to treat bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, migraines and even problems related to poor circulation of the blood in the body. It helps in killing these bacteria and also helps in inhibiting their growth so that no future harm is done. However, most of the research for this intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy is centered around the fact that it can be used to treat cancer. Still, it is considered better mostly for its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal actions.

Most of the people who stand against the use of this chemical often misunderstand the working of Hydrogen peroxide. Even if we look at the chemical formula of this compound, we will find it to be H2O2 which breaks down to water and oxygen. These are the two most basic elements that are needed for the survival of the body. This clearly states that intravenous hydrogen peroxide is not only effective but safe as well.

The patients who want to undergo this treatment as simply injected with a solution containing safe levels of hydrogen peroxide. This means that the patients get immediate results without even having to take the chemical orally. The large amount of oxygen in this compound makes sure that there is no amount of microbial activity going on in the system. Therefore, even patients suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, yeast infections, warts and digestive troubles are advised to take intravenous hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore, we can say that intravenous hydrogen peroxide is one of the safest and the most effective treatments available today. Still, you must consult your doctor and never try to ingest it orally.

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