Intravenous Vitamin Therapy – Is It For Everyone? NJ Doctor Explains …

With intravenous vitamins the body experiences a more powerful punch and faster beneficial effects. This has been found to help an entire range of diseases and conditions. The main effect being increasing immune system response, lowering inflammation, increasing energy and detoxing the body. The range of diseases with symptoms that can be reduced by intravenous vitamin therapy is wide and inclusive of minor and major conditions.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy originated in the 1970s, and in subsequent years has been found to be a beneficial to the immune system as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Many intravenous vitamin therapy cocktails contain vitamins such as B6, B12, C, calcium and zinc. For individuals who are immune compromised, such as those with RA or other diseases, intravenous vitamins can help prevent sickness and more, though a doctor should be consulted. Numerous patients with RA, Crones, Lupus or other inflammatory conditions have reported that intravenous vitamins greatly relieved swelling and pain. For those with chronic fatigue or other conditions where some sluggishness or tiredness is present but not necessarily pain and swelling, benefits range from reduced feelings of malaise to substantial increases in energy. For many of these cases there is a direct benefit to bypassing the digestive system and taking intravenous vitamins in that for many people with RA or other inflammatory diseases the stomach lining itself is inflamed and vitamins get absorbed much more slowly, with a high percentage getting flushed as waste since they cannot be absorbed.

In Intravenous Vitamin Therapy vitamins are diluted and injected intravenously into the blood stream, allowing the vitamins to be absorbed much more quickly than if they went through the stomach. This is why during a detox patients will receive intravenous vitamins, because their is limited food intake and nutrients are not absorbed. In this case, Intravenous vitamin therapy also flushes the liver.

Even in treatment of cancers it has been found that high doses of Vitamin C inhibits cancer cell growth. If administered intravenously the Vitamin C gets into the body in much higher concentrations. There exists evidence that intravenous vitamin therapy with high doses of Vitamin C help chemotherapy side effects.

A doctor should always be consulted when considering intravenous vitamin therapy so that treatment can be properly monitored and dosages of other drugs, which may interact in various ways with certain vitamins, can be monitored.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy is offered at the AIM Center Clinic in Paramus, NJ under medical doctor supervision. If you are interested call Robert, Naturopath and Nutritionist to speak further. Generally, the fee for intravenous vitamin therapy is $150 per session and not covered by insurance.

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