Intravenous Chelation Therapy offered in New Jersey

Chelation Therapy is a popular method of cleansing and rejuvenating the body. Many people who suffer from fatigue report increased energy, awareness and sense of well-being after undergoing Chelation Therapy. Intravenous Chelation Therapy has many advantages over oral pills. The purpose of Chelation Therapy is to remove toxins from the body. Heavy metals get caught in the cell tissue walls of the body as the body’s own cleansing mechanism removes those toxins from the blood. The toxins must be removed from the blood or the blood becomes poisoned. So the body dumps these toxins and heavy metals into the cell walls, in a very real sense poisoning the cells. Chelation Therapy uses amino acids to claw the poisons out of the cells. However, if not done correctly this runs some risks.

Why is IV Chelation Therapy the Best Choice?

The amino acids used in Chelation Therapy also remove necessary minerals from the cells. When done properly the effect is minimal, and the benefit great. IV Chealtion Therapy by-passes the stomach’s channels and sends the amino acids directly into the blood stream where they are sent to the cell walls to get out the bad toxins and heavy metals. Pills must sit in the stomach until they dissolve and pass through the stomach lining. Much of any pill we take gets left in the stomach and flushed through the kidneys and liver. But with IV Chelation Therapy all the amino acid gets directly into the blood.

When pills are taken all the amino acids not absorbed catch into the tissues of the kidney and liver where they are more likely to remove the good minerals as well as the bad toxins. This can leave someone taking the pills feeling worse because of vitamin and mineral depletion. When IV Chelation Therapy is administered the risk is low. What gets past through the kidney and liver is a lot of toxins and heavy metals that will get flushed out in the waste.

So it’s best to opt for IV Chelation Therapy when looking for the best way to cleanse your body of toxins. It will leave you feeling stronger, and can reduce the symptoms of a number of ailments, especially those where pain and fatigue are side-effects or symptoms. Be sure to use any therapy only as recommended and when choosing IV Chelation Therapy it’s best to get recommendations and reviews as to the best IV Chelation Therapy method.

IV Chelation Therapy is available in New Jersey at the AIM Center under the medical direction of licensed medical doctors. Each session is $150 and call Robert at 201.618.3534 to schedule your appointment or talk further. The AIM Center is near NYC, New York State.

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